With $1500 credits for startups, Espark-Viridian finds a new Technology Partner in Gridle!
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Here’s all about why we joined hands and what will ultimately come out of this.

Running an early stage startup is much like getting lost in the desert.

  • You are, more often than not, low on resources,
  • You can move in any and all directions, and
  • You are, at all times, under circumstances that naturally do not favour your existence!

In such times, only a bird-eye view can help you get out and get out quickly! Espark-Viridian, being a startup accelerator, does just that. They accept startups at fairly early stage and help them by guiding through the quickest way to make it to the market.

Why this partnership?
We’ve been an early stage startup ourselves, and we’ve first hand been lost, directionless and have found ourselves missing; in the past. To say the least, it is hard, very hard, to navigate through the first few months of starting up a company.


And, more often than not, the reasons why it’s hard, are:

  • The founders are juggling between various job roles. From fund-raising to STPD and from making Business Model Canvases to Designing landing pages.
  • Lesser clarity on paths to achieve long-term goals and in favour of the present, underestimating priority management for the future.

To solve these issues, startups often resort to using an inefficient jumble of apps, excel sheets, emails & chat-clients and integrate all of them within themselves making it, if possible, even more confusing.


Since Gridle brings together all forms of communication possible on the internet today in one cloud based secure, stable and beautiful environment, we thought why don’t we offer it to startups?

The question was pretty simple! What if startups could have just one tool where they could manage tasks & projects, carry out chats & video calls and share files and updates; would it not help them reach clarity & achieve and accomplish more?

So, last month we came up with a partnership proposal,

and approached some of the premier incubators/accelerators in the country. Here’s a snapshot of the proposal.

  • Gridle is offering $1500-per-startup credit line on it’s premium plan of $5 per user per month. (Essentially, if you are a 10 people startup, you can use Gridle premium version free for about 30 months; long enough!)
  • The extension of Credit-line is a NO-OBLIGATION one. We are NOT binding startups to continue using Gridle once the credits run out.

That’s it!

If you are a startup that is not associated with any incubator/accelerator and are looking for credits, get in touch with us here.

Why do this partnership?

The simple reason behind doing this partnership is, why not? It takes a different kind of heart that works in such high pressure and even highly uncertain environment!

We appreciate the work that startups do; building ground breaking technologies to bring the future to general public, failing, getting up, ever-moving and we want to be a part of this problem-solving ecosystem, however small, but a part, none-the-less.

Partnering with Espark-Viridian marks a major mile-stone in our mission to make team-work simpler, more efficient and more productive. So, with pride and purpose, hereby, we announce our joining of hands. We wish all of their current and future startups best of luck!

If you’d like your incubator/accelerator to be a part of our Startup Scheme, please drop us an email on contact[at]gridle[dot]io and we’ll get back within a day!

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Until next time.

The Team,

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With $1500 credits for startups, Espark-Viridian finds a new Technology Partner in Gridle!
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