Why Gridle's Chat Client is killing Slack!
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Don’t get us wrong. We’ve used Slack before and it’s great. It’s much better than conventional tools like HipChat or IRC; it integrates with almost everything and it’s beautiful to use. But, it’s modelled all wrong.

Gridle's Chat Client believes Team Communication should be free!

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s absolutely important that all your team-members are on the same page, at all times. You probably also feel the same way if you’ve used email for your internal communication. Massive goof-ups, unorganised ideas and attachments buried under tonnes of conversations only end up making work unproductive.

Chat is a great way to get rid of all that. A great instant communication tool that syncs across all your devices is more than a solution to that. Slack does all of that. So, what’s wrong? The model.

What happens when you charge per user?

When Slack’s basic plan charges $8 per user per month ($6.67 paid annually), every time you need to add a team-member, you have to think about it. Sometimes, you choose not to add them. More often than not, you probably work with a lot of people outside your company as well, like:

  • Vendors
  • Accountants & Lawyers
  • Investors
  • Partners & other Stakeholders
  • Slack makes you pay for all of them and also limits on how you can interact with them under Guest accounts.

But Slack is also for free, you say!

Is it? Because in the free-tier, you can’t add any external stakeholders, can add only 10 integrations, have limits on uploading files and then, to trump them all, your data is gone post 10K messages for you to refer back!

Gridle's Chat Client changes this

There’s the obvious. Gridle is Limitless and for Free. No limits on Users, Integrations, Devices, Messages, Projects or File-space. There are no strings attached. It aligns with our vision of making team-communication simpler, easier and inclusive.


It’s not just cost savings

What this means is that your team starts behaving differently.

  • You invite everyone you need
  • You don’t worry about the bills every month
  • You push all the decision making updates through the entire edge of the organisation
  • You bring all your external stake holders together, in one place

Why are we doing this?

Well, there’s no catch. It’s not ad-supported, neither are we asking for donations. Actually, this product deeply integrates with our mission at Gridle of enabling teams get flawless at internal communication.

Only when you grow, would you need sophisticated Project Management & Task-Management tools that we’ve built at Gridle which, needless to say, seamlessly integrates with our chat client. We’ve priced it creatively & competitively.

Want to know more, speak with us here.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get Gridle today!

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Why Gridle's Chat Client is killing Slack!
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