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Gridle's third major update is here which will change the way our users want to use the product. Its the White-label.

White-label: No more Gridle anywhere in the product

We launched the product with minimum features trying to validate our market and on the way realized that there are many who want to not just use the product but want to use it as their own, with their own branding and their own domain.

People wanted to send out emails which didn't have 'Powered by Gridle' written at the end of the mail. And, many even wanted to re-sell our product to their customers.

The need was realized and the solution was clear. White-labeling it was. And, hence we started working on making the most demanded feature as of date and it is out now.

White-Label as a solution for re-sellers, allows Gridle users to re-brand the product with their name, logo and domain, and sell its workspaces to their business clients.

There's no more need of remaining confined to the default branding, domain and emails sent out by Gridle. Buy the white-label version and get going with your own branding everywhere and manage your clients even without letting them know that it is Gridle running in the backstage.

With white-label the face is you and your company.

Enjoy using white-label and to know how to set it up, simply click here

That was it for December 2019. We hope we ended it with a bang as there's more to follow in 2020 ????

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