Well, hello: Themes!
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Some time early last week, Pratik, our front-end engineer came to Abhishek, one of the Co-founders and Chief of Product with an interesting proposition.

What if we make Gridle a little more beautiful! I mean, what if we can let our users choose how they want Gridle to look? I already have a short roadmap..

A week later, Themes:


Here’s a brief 3 step process on changing your theme:
Step 1: Go to your Account settings on the top right of your Gridle screen.


Step 2: Click on any one of the 8 selections we currently have that match your taste. Maintain an eye on the left pane where you will get a real-time preview of the changes you are making.


If none of the existing selections appeal to you, make a suggestion to us here! We are all ears.

Step 3: Smile. It’s done.

We know people work hard; and the least we should do is make the screen they work on, everyday, just a little bit more beautiful; rather, a little bit more aligned towards their taste!

And that is exactly what Gridle-Themes do.

If you are not on Gridle yet,


Until next time.

The Team,

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Well, hello: Themes!
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