Web-Designers are under a serious threat!
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unless we re-define what web-design means..

Everywhere you go, there are free UI resources available. If you run a small company, you can already go to Square Space and build a website quite easily. If you are a Tech-enabled company, you can check out Atlassian Design, Invision’s Do tool-kit or just this listicle that tells you 7 best free design resources. And after you’ve checked them out, there’s always Canva!

Atlassian.design opens up their design thought process and identity!


Basically, highly technical skills of Photoshop and Illustrator are a thing of the past!

Even Sketch App, the most loved design software for Mac users, greets you with this. Everything is templatised!

Grid-lines, best practices, colour palettes and icon libraries are available; all set within the requisite dimensions, pixel perfect art-boards and device frames waiting to be filled!

Essentially, developers are killing designers!
If you define a ‘developer’ as a person who writes code that automates tasks, they’ve done an amazing job at templatising the industry best-practices of web-design.

Developers are creating platforms and components for websites and not the websites themselves. Those development skills are highly sought after in Web Application design which is exploding.

It’s not going down! Just changing..

This by no means implies that websites will be “cheaper” or design skills will go away. The design of websites requires more skill than ever. Just different type of skill. we’d like to be very clear though, at least for B2B activities, the website is more important than ever and is not going to be replaced by facebook pages or anything else.

The Designer has to change!
Move towards Analytical Design:
With analytics and conversations driving the design; add it to the crowdsourcing and massive libraries for free, there’s no need for technical designers. The need is for a designer who understands the funnels and drips during user journeys and crafts experiences that optimise them by making hypothesis, measuring output, iterating and validating assumptions. The need is for a designer to figure out the arrangement of elements that just works! New skills have become valuable to the science of website design.

Move towards higher-level-creativity:
The design skills are to move towards higher level creativity ensuring that the site has a voice, a personality, and a structured way for someone to sort and buy. Messaging, designing the journey and drawing up the blue prints are the most valued parts of the creative process.

And to say a drag and drop editor, much like Square Space, replaces the technical need; we disagree. People can make a mess of things the easier they get.

Have you seen how even a great template get’s butchered? Or how so many websites deteriorate over time after a “know it all” on an internal team destroys the flow and balance of a site they were delivered?
Things have changed and aren’t going to change backwards.

Sounds harsh? Maybe… But there’s a reason most people will still say they hate their site.

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Web-Designers are under a serious threat!
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