Using Gridle as a Command Centre for Digital Marketing tools
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Digital Marketing Tools Are Complementary to SAAS

When a SAAS developer creates software that is customized to the needs of the client, one of the needs is often digital marketing. Brand marketing is something that is highly complicated, especially now, with the shift to digital. Google is the chief authority on what is good marketing and what is not, and only someone who keeps track of search engine algorithm requirements can handle online marketing. The changes in the parameters are too frequent for any amateur to start marketing online.

How to Do Digital Marketing?

As a digital marketing consultant, Gridle understands that traditional marketing and online marketing are two completely different games. Traditional marketing has been enough to convert sales and increase recognition until the last decade. However, since the advent of SEO and digital marketing, it is quickly becoming obsolete. People consume a large amount of content from their computers and phone devices. And every time they do so, it presents you an opportunity to market
to them.

There are three main digital marketing tools that we believe are indispensable when it comes to marketing your product over the internet:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This concerns the optimization of all your online content according to guidelines provided by Google. Search engines like Google have a herculean task in their hands. They must categorize every single webpage that is present on the internet and then sorts it according to relevance. As you can imagine, this is no joke. With over a trillion web pages in the Google index, it is only understandable that Google has some rules. And since they have a monopoly on the internet, so to speak, their rules are law. Any self-respecting digital marketer would have to stay in the know as far as Google’s constantly updating guidelines are concerned.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

This is where things get fun! With SEO you are influencing how many people will be able to find your content. But with SEM you are converting those users into sales. It is where the money comes into the equation. And, as we all know, to make some you have to spend some. Using Google Adwords, and keyword research, it is rather easy to get sales as long as you know your core audience. If you promote your products in the wrong populations, it is just money wasted.

3. Organic Content:

This is perhaps the most consistent demand that search engines have been making from digital marketers. Their jobs would be made much easier if people never posted bad content (bad content here is content that is not optimized or is trying to juke Google’s guidelines in malicious ways such as keyword stuffing). But, unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and most of the content online is bogus. So, ironically, all you need to shine is to have genuine content on your website. And yet, here we are!

It is precisely insights like this that separate Gridle from other SAAS solution providers. For us, SAAS is an end-to-end process which starts with customizing your software and ends with providing digital marketing tools ensuring your ship sails smoothly. A superior task management process is apparent in every Gridle project, and we make sure it stays that way!

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Using Gridle as a Command Centre for Digital Marketing tools
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