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For a while now, we’ve been wondering what should a platform that brings together teams and their communication should charge? Should it have a one-time cost or a fixed monthly charge? Should it have multiple tiers or a single one? Should it have limited features in the free one or should it be limited based on time?

And, we finally have the answer:


We, at Gridle, believe that investing in a productivity platform for an enterprise is fairly important for teams and culture.

For years there have been some fragmented ones out there that force you to use a lot more platforms than you need.

Some will provide a chat client while others will have a Task Management system and you, at the end, will end up having to deploy, learn, pay and engage with multiple vendors! That’s just plain unfair. That motivated us to build Gridle and here’s how we plan to make way ->

Free Forever for small teams

We believe that you should buy Gridle only if you like it and that you should try it out till you are confident that Gridle will fit your team’s needs and will end up being a good asset for your organisation.

Also, while you are trying, you should not have restrictions on features or days because that never allows you to get a good hang of it. So, we decided to have a free forever version for 5 people or less. If you have a small side-project, try doing that on Gridle; doesn’t matter if it needs 6 days or 6 months. Once you see the difference, you can go ahead and deploy Gridle with confidence!

Everything, only for $5

We don’t have 4 different plans. We don’t have fancy “Bronze, Silver & Gold” hoopla. We believe that if a team wants to efficiently communicate and stay productive, they need everything at their disposal. Gridle only has one plan that’s amazingly competitively priced with 20% discounts for an annual subscription.

What’s more? It includes everything that we have today and everything we’ll build in the future! Budget $5 per user per month for Gridle and forget about it.

Also, free credits

If you are a Startup or a Not-for-Profit, it’s fairly hard to keep a track of how your teams get work done. Gridle is of much help in these scenarios where teams are agile and/or remote.

Also, we’d love to contribute to whatever it is that you are doing at your Startup or your Not-for-Profit and hence, we offer $1000 in Gridle credits. Basically what that means is that you get Gridle premium account from the first day! Write to us at contact@gridle.io and we’ll get back to you in 2 working days.

It doesn’t get better than this. :D

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Updates on Pricing | Simpler, Clearer & more Transparent.
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