Top 6 Challenges faced in Web Application Development
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Web development tactics are continuously evolving and some major changes are happening in web application development. While these changes bring new opportunities, they also add new challenges and complexities. Here are some of the most prominent web application development challenges that businesses should not ignore if they want to create successful and lasting applications:

1. Integration with Other Applications

A progressive web application might use a SaaS based system, in-house BI tools and host their website on cloud. Since a variety of cloud-based services are available here, it definitely improves flexibility but also creates a major loophole. The loophole is to be able to integrate the application with other applications. The need of the hour is an application that can be compatible with data sharing on other commonly used application platforms to be usable on a wider scale.

2. Providing a Simple User Design

With the abundance of web applications, in the market, the value of User Experience and User Interface (UX and UI) has increased manifold. Developers tend to get involved mostly in the technical soundness of their application and do not focus on aesthetics in the app design flow and interface. As long as users do not feel comfortable and satisfied using your web application, they will not be loyally using it for a long time.

3. Need for Speed

Web applications need to be fluid in usage on a regular basis, with the ability to deal with lots of data. Users want web applications to be of high quality and to also have a short loading time. To be able to develop a web application that provides a speedy and smooth functioning is critical but also challenging. Developers are constantly experimenting with new platforms to deliver applications that provide the most speed with low data usage.

4. Serious Security Vulnerability

Security breaches in a web application framework have been a common challenge for developers. Even current users are highly focused on privacy of their personal details and security of their transactions. The task of protecting your applications from vulnerabilities and constantly growing threats requires constant research. However, the advent of blockchain technology is currently helping application developers with secure ways to transfer data and integrate safe payment technologies within applications.

5. Uniting the development team in one place

The development team is the driving force behind the creation of an application. As a result, having the team collaborating together in one place ensures that they are able to connect fluidly and perform tasks efficiently. This needs a robust and compatible platform for the developers to work on and communicate, so that they can deliver a web application that is cohesive in design and experience.

6. Multi-platform

Responsive web applications have become mandatory for their sustenance. While
developing an app, businesses must consider cross-browser compatibility, screen sizes, ratios and pixel density variation between devices. So, there are several things a web developer needs to take care of while testing an application, to ensure that it is able to check all the boxes of a good web application.

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Top 6 Challenges faced in Web Application Development
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