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Team communication and collaboration are the two key elements of success for an organization which can’t be taken lightly in today’s fast-paced world.

In the wake of this software companies have started developing tools for better team communication and collaboration which can help increase the productivity of employees.

Such products have revolutionized the way we collaborate and share information at our workplace. The tools are helping organizations to scale by streamlining a lot of communications happening between and within the teams.

Features offered in these tools like file sharing, chats and video conferencing are killing the age-old method of communication and collaboration which is the emails. Though emails still remain the de facto mode of official communication but, no more for internal team communications.

Moreover, such tools are way faster than email platforms, easy to use and have amazingly interactive interfaces.

One such platform developed in India by serial entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia is Flock which aims to organize communications, productivity tools, and apps in one place to increase productivity.

Too much said about team communication and collaboration? Let us directly delve into the major features that Flock offers -

  1. Collaboration tool to start a direct chat or a group conversation with anyone in your organization.
  2. Video conferencing tool to connect with remote teams directly from within a chat or a video channel.
  3. Share and find files easily with your teammates.
  4. Advanced search to find anything from messages, links to files.
  5. Easily invite guests to work with you.
  6. Announcement channels for team admins to broadcast information.
  7. Easy access to the entire company directory.
  8. Email an entire channel with auto-generated mailing lists.
  9. Easily bookmark important messages.
  10. Smart channels to organize your team better.
  11. Unlimited audio calling and conferencing with your team.
  12. Easily convert project discussion into tasks.
  13. Create polls in the channels so that everyone is heard.
  14. Easily create quick notes of your ideas and share with the teammates.
  15. Reminders to never miss a deadline again.
  16. Easily create and share code snippets.
  17. Streamline complex workflows using process automation.
  18. 60+ app integrations.

Wow! That’s a lot of features. Flock seems to be a whole bundle of team communication platform and collaboration tools.

But wait,

There are more such team collaboration apps and team communication software which are some of the best alternatives to Flock.

And when we say alternatives they are comparable by pricing and features. So let us have a look at the top 5 flock alternatives.


When it comes to team collaboration software Slack is the most sought after app. Since its launch, it has scaled rapidly and solved the problems of millions of its users by providing easy-to-use features, great flexibility, and a strong scalable infrastructure.

Founded by Stewart Butterfield, Slack hasn’t seen much time for its immense growth and popularity.

But what differentiates it from other team collaboration tools and makes it an alternative to Flock?


  1. Conversational channels
  2. Voice calling
  3. Video calling
  4. File sharing
  5. 1500+ app integrations


Free - $0
Standard - $6.67
Plus - $12.50

Hence, as we can see the feature where Slack beats Flock is the no. of integrated apps. But Flock, on the other hand, is way cheaper than Slack.


Of course Gridle it is and I am going to talk about it not because it is our blog but because we have made it after using many alternatives to Gridle itself.

And, after using a number of collaboration apps and team communication software we realized the need of having everything at one place and hence a complete suite of team communication, collaboration, task & project management software was born to increase team productivity.

Gridle offers many features which differentiate it from Flock and make it one of the best team collaboration tools.


  1. Project management
  2. Task management
  3. Chat
  4. Video calling
  5. File sharing
  6. Personal Assistant
  7. 30+ integrations
  8. Mobile app
  9. Unlimited storage
  10. Company directory


Free - $0
Enterprise - $5
Startups - $1000 credit
Non-profits and colleges - $5000 credit

The advantage of using Gridle is that it neither has limited storage in any of its plans nor has a limit to message search in the free plan, unlike Flock.


When you are looking for the best way to collaborate and get all your team communications at one place Ryver is also a very versatile option.

With a host of features and integrations that it offers the product has become a value for money and an alternative to many team collaboration tools.

Also, an alternative to Flock let us see how it compares to Flock’s myriad of features.


  1. Chat
  2. Tasks
  3. Voice and video calls
  4. Forums
  5. Teams
  6. File sharing
  7. Calendar
  8. Message search
  9. News streaming
  10. Workflow automation
  11. Unlimited integrations


Starter - $49
Unlimited - $99
Enterprise - $399

Though Ryver is way costlier than Flock, the edge where it has is the unlimited integrations, workflow automation, and news streaming.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a feature-rich business chat application where all the real-time teamwork happens at one place.

The simple-to-use application comes with an impressive and immersive UI/UX design across desktop, web browsers, and mobile devices and has its presence on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

It also extends highly informative help center support with live chat technical assistance for all the registered users of the application.


  1. Conversation channels
  2. Voice calling
  3. Video calling
  4. Orange member
  5. File sharing
  6. Forkout
  7. Burnout
  8. Fizzleout
  9. Live tracking
  10. Analytics


Free - $0
Premium - $1
Enterprise - $5
Custom plans for government and large corporations

The advanced search filters which narrow down the search results by images, videos, location, URLs, etc. and features such as fork out, burnout and live tracking make Troop Messenger stand-alone from Flock.


Glip is another such tool though not very popular like others but still a great alternative when it comes to the features and competitive pricing.

Developed by Ring Central, Glip is a very smooth and robust platform for team communication and collaboration.

With a number of features at its disposal, it becomes one of the best alternatives to Flock.


  1. Team chat and messaging
  2. Screen sharing
  3. File sharing and storage
  4. Task management
  5. Calendar
  6. File annotations
  7. Customizable workspace
  8. Unlimited integrations


Free - $0
Standard - $5

The part where Glip can beat Flock is that it offers almost all the features without any limitation in its free plan with a no to zero difference in the offerings of the standard plan.


After going through the long list of offerings and competitive pricing of Flock, one must be convinced that it is the best available solution in the market which can cater to all your team communication and collaboration needs.

But our research shows that there are even better alternatives to Flock who have their own unique offerings and some even beat Flock at certain features and pricing plans.

Apart from the best ones listed here, there are other alternatives available in the market which can cater to your specific needs and at the end, it all depends on what is your requirement. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

So choose wisely!

And let us know about your experiences with other team communication, collaboration, and productivity tools. Are there any better options than these?

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Top 5 Flock Alternatives
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