Tips For Saas UI Designers To Reduce Customer Churn
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Why Reduce Customer Churn?

Customer churn occurs when the users stop using your website or an application anymore. The main application of an effective user interface design is to minimize the customer churn. Developers not only focus on creating a sensational impact in SaaS application, but also make sure the users do not stop using your software. The key is to make users dependent on SaaS application for better user interface. Isn’t that what Google does? Try searching something on Yahoo search engine for once. You would feel a little uncomfortable!

The task of UI designers is to reduce customer churn by making sure the website and application are accessible. Making them feel comfortable with the website will create loyal users that every SaaS application craves.

How to Reduce Customer Churn?

UI designers should concentrate on making sure the customers stay with you for long, rather than just contemplating rigorously on acquiring new users and creating traffic. They can apply some of the following tactics:

1. Keep it Simple, Yet Informative

Simple fonts, color scheme, graphics, content, design, etc. are all aspects that beautify a website or an application, creating a different identity. Simple and self-explanatory graphics that highlights the usability of the SaaS application could be adopted as a part of UI design pattern.

2. Think like the User

That is the best tactic every user interface designer should consider. Concentrating on usability can simplify a UI designer’s job to integrate all such ideas that can optimize your website. Correct navigational buttons, color schemes and personalizing themes for the SaaS application of website among other aspects can contribute towards it.

3. Minimize the Confusion with a Clean Layout

Multiple features should be included with a clear navigation to each feature, thereby, avoiding any kind of confusion throughout the appearance of the SaaS application. Providing contextual help would make your application highly sustainable among the users.

4. Match the Expectations of Users with the App Reality

As a part of user experience, creating personas by adding narrations or jargons will increase the customer’s interest in using your application and website. Essentially, it will augment your SaaS application, reducing the SaaS churn rate.

Gridle Has the UI Designers You are Looking For

Gridle has a team of experts, who listen, interpret and design ideas based on client and user needs. It is imperative to hold your customers’ attention through flawless implementation of UI design patterns. Gridle designers, with their user interface design principles, know how to do that seamlessly! With a combination of UX and UI designers and SaaS applications providers, we formulate a plan which delivers you value based software, saying goodbye to customer churn forever.

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Tips For Saas UI Designers To Reduce Customer Churn
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