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New Sidebar, Better Proposal Editing, Negative Taxes - Product Updates
Gridle is here with its first update. We now have a brand new sidebar, made editing proposals easier than before and included negative taxes for those who have it in their country or
PayPal Integration, Negative Taxes, Zapier Integration
Company UpdatesClientjoy1
Gridle now allows you to integrate with PayPal, add negative taxes and integrate with a 1000+ apps via Zapier.
Custom Fields, Authorize.Net, Client Portal
Company UpdatesClientjoy1
Girdle's second update is here. We now have Custom Fields, Authorize.Net and Client Portal in our software.
Blank & CRO Proposal Templates, White-label Custom Scripts, Braintree Integration
Company UpdatesClientjoy1
Gridle's fourth update is here. We now have two new proposal templates - Blank & Conversion Rate Optimization and the ability to add custom scripts in the white-label app.
12 Invoicing Tips for Freelancers to Boost Revenues
As a freelancer, you need to handle a lot many jobs and of all those the most ignored but still a very important one is invoicing. Invoicing is your way to getting paid on time and keep your cash flow running.
The 14 Most Relevant Invoicing Terms You Must Know
Getting your payments on time is the key to managing cash flows on which the very survival of your business depends. Understanding which invoice terms and conditions you need to include in your invoices is the key to building a payment system that works for you and your business.
The Top 10 Invoicing Software for Freelancers
One of the biggest pain points for any freelancer is making sure their payments come on time, and proper invoicing and billing is a big part of that. Find out the 10 invoicing software that can help you as a freelancer get paid on time.