Sales Strategies for Digital Marketing Agencies Ft. Sahil Shah
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Sahil Shah, founder of Hungrito and Netsavvies is a serial entrepreneur, expert digital marketer and a TEDx speaker who loves to discuss ideas over a cup of tea.

Hungrito is a food discovery platform that started as a college project is growing strong with each passing day. It currently boasts of an online community of 120k+ foodies, and has been recognized among the top 20 startups of Gujarat (2016).

Netsavvies is a full service digital marketing agency. It helps create unforgettable brand experiences. They are successfully running marketing projects across the country.

He has been awarded by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister for Excellence in Public Administration.

Sahil joined us for a session to share his thoughts and experiences on ‘Sales Strategies for Digital Marketing Agencies’

Gridle Asks with Sahil Shah

  1. How do you define your target customers?

Sahil believes that understanding a client's business is the key to defining their marketing strategy. For small businesses, they may want to focus on social media marketing first and gradually move up the ladder. And for large businesses, they mostly dive first onto their branding activities.

Instead of offering full marketing services to all the clients, he firmly believes that by understanding client’s business needs they divide the customers into segments and offer them with services which are deemed fit .

The core objective is to understand the client’s business first and then build a plan for them rather than collecting fixed fees for all services off which some of them might not even be suited to their business model.

2. What channels do you use to approach your leads?

They generally use both inbound and outbound marketing channels, along with social media campaigns to capture leads. They also get leads from LinkedIn and facebook ads.

Netsavvies use Hubspot to manage their leads, marketing automation and sales funnels.

3. What does your sales pipeline look like?

Their sales pipeline starts with lead capturing. They capture leads via organic and inorganic ways and they start flowing into their CRM.

Post lead generation they focus on lead qualification. Once a lead comes in, they start with understanding the business of the lead to ensure that Netsavvies is a right fit for lead’s business needs so that they are able to deliver on what they promise.

The lead then flows through the sales automation process and the funnels as defined by them.

The process of follow-up and approaching is completely dependent on who the client is. The pattern of follow-up varies based on the client.


Sales processes, funnels and pipelines are all needed to definitely streamline the sales automation process. But the key to winning a lead lies in the right marketing and offering. Offer them based on what will work the best for them and not on what will work best for you.

“Care enough to create value for value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy” - Anthony Iannarino

Signing off until next time. Sayōnara!

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Sales Strategies for Digital Marketing Agencies Ft. Sahil Shah
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