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Tech-driven marketing strategies have made their way into business houses all over the globe. Today, you will find thousands of options when you look out for Marketing Automation Systems (MAS). Most importantly, you can integrate the technically refined tools into your platform at peanut prices. Firms from different industries are opting for these economical sales and marketing tools to bolster their positions. While some of these tools come free of cost, others cost amazingly low. Read on to know these economical marketing tools that can make a difference in your business.

Leadsius (Starting from $0)

As the name suggests, this tool streamlines your lead management system. A Swedish company launched it three years ago. Presently, it has penetrated deep into multiple industries.

A low-cost marketing tool deals with lead-nurturing and lead qualification. Various firms have incorporated Leadsius for email marketing. Apart from these, it can also track the visitors landing on a website, analyse the leads and generate reports. You can use it as to create the landing page, contact database and web forms.

Check out Leadsius here

CallHippo (Under $10)

CallHippo is a cloud based VoIP phone system, used for tele-calling and customer support desks. You can literally reach out to any place in the world through virtual numbers provided by this company.

Various firms use it as a marketing tool, particularly targeting specific audience bases. The local numbers look similar to the phone numbers in a particular country. You can build up your brand image with local identity with these numbers. The users are able to choose a number of their choice. A large array of features come at cheap prices. These include call forwarding, ringing all the customers simultaneously, call analytics, on-hold music, and voice mail and call recording. You can also get a toll-free number. It streamlines the collaboration within your organization.

Check out Call Hippo here

Google Analytics (Free)

Google Analytics is a free tool used for business. However, you will need some time to learn how to use the tool. Nevertheless, it is extremely powerful and comes free of cost.

In the world of digital marketing, you need a reliable mechanism to track your customers. Google Analytics bring you plenty of resources and help you to detect how your users are finding you. It will also indicate the segments of your email marketing, guest posts, content and social media strategies that are really working. The users also get an idea about the shortcomings of the same and work on them.

Check out Google Analytics here

SumAll (Free)

SumAll is another useful tool that comes free of cost. It deals with data from multiple platforms like various ecommerce sites, Google Analytics, PayPal Pro, and MailClimp.

It gathers data on a single dashboard, making it easy for the users to track the goals. You can view the patterns when you analyse the trends and formulate your future strategies. It is different from Google Analytics as it pulls in data from various sources, while the latter deals with data from a single website.

Check out SumAll here

Buffer (Free, paid plans are also available, starting at $10 per month)

Buffer is a powerful tool you can use for social media scheduling. It is different from the other scheduling tools, as the users are able to automate the schedule of posts and tweets.

In ordinary tools, you need to handle the posts manually. You can also set up a weekly schedule for the publication of the posts. For instance, you can set a particular time on weekdays, or even a different time on each of the days.

Check out Buffer here

Feedly (Free, paid plans are also available at $5 per month)

Feedly is a useful tool that enables the users to keep a track of their news feeds. Most of the companies which have embraced digital marketing use blogs and articles to promote their products.

With this tool, you can visually assess these blogs appearing in news feeds. Evidently, people can simply choose the feeds that they are interested in and skip the others. It saves your time and enables you to manage your blogs and online materials efficiently.

Check out Feedly here
With this, you have a long list of business tools to deploy in your marketing campaigns. Cost effective and productive, these Marketing Automation Systems (MAS) help new companies capture the market. Existing companies can penetrate deeper into their client bases and stride ahead in the competitive business environment.

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