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One of the most overlooked areas of productivity is ‘Planning’. Most of the businesses, small or large, believe in keeping their teams constantly in action without giving it a pause. This is true even for individuals. We mistake our busy schedule as a productive one!

The fact that there is ‘work to be done’ becomes the definition of productivity.

The simple reason why it hurts more than it helps is because the resources are not doing the pre-work that they need to do before getting into action, i.e. ‘Productive planning’ (A sad term, stuck between being a jargon and a simple term).

Plan to be free!
With so many questions and queries from our clients, customers and online followers, we have listed some of the major highlights of planning which helps you to go a long way with a little bit of planning. Incorporating these suggestions to your business, teams or individual life-style, will not only save your time and money but also enhance your productivity and that of your resources.

Plan your Projects

If you start a project without proper planning, you end up ‘working on the project’ and ‘planning the project’ at all stages and at the same time.


So, instead of switching your mode from ‘doing’ to ‘planning’ at each stage, proper planning can help you save at-least 40% of the time and directly result in ‘project-done’ mode.

A steep 40% increase is seen because you are not spending time questioning and researching at each stage.


  1. Break your projects in simple step-by-step process.
  2. Define a deadline for each target and
  3. Confidently move ahead without losing sight of the big picture.

Plan your Systems

This is one of the most important recommendations that we make to most of users, i.e. plan your systems. When we talk about systems, we are not talking about gadgets but, the right set of tools that help in collaborating and enhancing the productivity.

Instead of a shiny task-manager or a fun chat-client, go for something that is primarily useful and aligns with your way of working!

The right set of tools help in defining a process which you are likely to repeat over time; and the more repetition of this ‘defined process’, the more optimised usage of your time! The set process will enable the team to perform in a set format and save their time.

Check out the tool that helps a 13% increase in productivity by bringing together all forms of communication possible on the internet today!

Plan your team’s Calendar

Some of the Small Offices and Home Offices have the flexibility to set out their office timings as per their interest. It is fun to have such kind of flexibility as a business owner,

But if you do not have control on your calendar then how will measure your productivity?

And that’s not a productive way to run a business. Although most of our clients believe that it is a basic step for every professional but later fall in love with the essential and effective calendar planning for productive results.

Plan your Time

Just by following a set routine or timetable will not solve your problem of unplanned tasks.


Research suggests that a repetitive cycle with 15–20 mins break after 90 mins of focused work results in much better results.

As a business owner, you will have to focus on each and everything, whether it is mentioned in your timetable or not. Instead of making a list of tasks, make a list of results that you desire from each task. Delegate the tasks which do not need your immediate attention and take at least few minutes break before entering any meeting to decide the desired result you wish to attain from it.

If you reached here without reading the blog, ASAP Science has done an amazing 3 min video about this. Check it out!


It’s time to plan!

  • Break your tasks. Give them a deadline.
  • Make & follow a calendar.
  • Do not make a list of things to do; rather a list of results you wish to accomplish.
  • Build internal processes & iterate to optimise.
  • Use the right set of tools!

You are good to go! Let the Race Vs Time begin.. ;)

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Until next time.

The Team,

FYI: This post is the expanded version of the 1st of 14 tips and tricks to improve productivity at your workplace.

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Plan to be free!
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