PayPal Integration, Negative Taxes, Zapier Integration
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Gridle is here with its first update. We now integrate with PayPal and Zapier and have also added Negative Taxes to the software.

PayPal Integration: Integrate with PayPal for faster payments across the Globe

We have been receiving constant demand to integrate PayPal and so here it is. You can now easily integrate PayPal with Gridle to receive payments from the clients who want to pay you via PayPal.

Integrating PayPal is simply a piece of cake for you but we do have a help article which will guide you on the steps to integrate PayPal with Gridle -

So get started integrating PayPal and receive payments faster!

Negative Taxes: For Geographies that reward their Agencies

If you or your agency is from a country that allows to create invoices with negative tax rates (Ex. Spain), Gridle now supports that as well.

Earlier, you could only put in positive values in tax rates and then you might have to create a discount to adjust the negative tax rate.

With native tax rates supporting negative values now, you will be able to create accurate invoices that reflect correct amount in your analytics and to your customers as well.

Zapier Integration: Connect Gridle to more than a 1000 apps

Zapier is one app which allows you to connect an app to more than 1000 apps available there in the market which is the reason we have integrated Zapier with Gridle to facilitate easier integration of the apps that you already are using.

Don't wait for any native integration to happen on Gridle anymore. Simply sign up on Zapier and start integrating all the apps you want with Gridle.

Find the steps on integrating Zapier with Gridle in this help article -

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PayPal Integration, Negative Taxes, Zapier Integration
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