Now chat with Gridle on your IOS device
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One of the essentials, Chat on the IOS app, is the feature that is being requested by all our users since we launched Gridle app on IOS. A shout out to all Gridle users who are using IOS devices, we’ve added chat feature in the IOS app.

What are you getting?


With this update, you get to have one to one chat. Smooth one to one chat so you can connect to your colleagues on the go.


Group chat, to help you take part in important discussion in your team, from wherever you are.


Project chat, so you can take part & get all the updates from projects running in your organization.

Also, get notification from your personal assistant bot, Alfred. Share & receive files, directly in chat.

Additional things to play around

Chat comes with full support of emoticons & giphy so that you can express and communicate in the best way!

Also, if it so happens that you have written a long text and want to erase it, rather than doing it in the boring way of selecting and deleting the whole, we have added a shake gesture, just shake your phone and confirm you want to undo typed text and voila you can start from the beginning!

So, update your app, now & enjoy the power of seamless chat on your phone with Gridle.

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Now chat with Gridle on your IOS device
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