New Sidebar, Better Proposal Editing, Negative Taxes - Product Updates
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Gridle is here with its first update. We now have a brand new sidebar, made editing proposals easier than before and included negative taxes for those who have it in their country or region.

New Sidebar: Better color and a compact size for you to have more screen space for other things

Did you like Gridle's sidebar? Was it too blue to handle? Well we too felt the same and of course the width was a bit more and used to take unnecessary screen space.

With the new sidebar you will have more screen space plus the black color goes perfectly with the theme and dark mode is the new thing now-a-days.

So get going with Gridle's New Sidebar

Proposal Editing: Enhanced UX to edit proposals in a much better way than before

Earlier editing the proposals was somewhat clumsy and we too faced difficulties with adding items, elements and many other things.

But things have changed now. The proposal edit feature has a new UX which includes a new sidebar containing options to change templates, add different text styles and elements, include items and options of merge fields for your convenience.

So start creating more proposals and close more deals!

Negative Taxes: For Geographies that reward their Agencies

If you or your agency is from a country that allows to create invoices with negative tax rates (Ex. Spain), Gridle now supports that as well.

Earlier, you could only put in positive values in tax rates and then you might have to create a discount to adjust the negative tax rate.

With native tax rates supporting negative values now, you will be able to create accurate invoices that reflect correct amount in your analytics and to your customers as well.

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New Sidebar, Better Proposal Editing, Negative Taxes - Product Updates
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