People, meet Alfred; Alfred, meet People
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Because everyone deserves a personal assistant!

So, last week, when Prasanjit Das, our VP of Biz-dev interviewed Mr. Malhar Barai in an effort to understand how industry stalwarts have grown to manage teams, one of the key take-aways was that team-members engage into a lot of un-productive emails, meetings and Conf. calls.

While we were having a discussion about this, Shashwat Bhatt, one of our key team members and the guy obsessed with Batman, mentioned that we could potentially reduce the number of emails and meetings if the team-members knew what they were working on, with whom and when was it due!

Alfred Pennyworth: Need we say more!?
“What if we had a bot? Much like what Alfred is to Bruce Wayne (Batman), it could assist our users and potentially reduce unproductive meetings and emails..” Shashwat mentioned.

7 days later, Alfred was born . From an idea that came about from a casual conversation about Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and a statement mentioned in an interview we did sometime back!

Here’s Alfred. Simple, smart and ever smiling!

What will Alfred do (For now)?

A Couple of things:

  • Alfred will send across a daily agenda mail to you. At 8 in the morning, he will make a list of all the things that are due for that particular day and share that with you so that while you are sipping coffee or just getting out of the gym, you know what you are working on, with whom and by what time, for that particular day.


Here’s how Alfred knocks!

  • Alfred will knock on your chat and send across reminders regarding tasks or meetings that are happening in the next 10 or 30 mins so that in case it skipped your mind, you have ample time to prepare for whatever’s coming; you are always on top of things and ready! Also, Alfred greets sometimes. ;)

Some other smaller stuff as well like messaging you very, very occasionally, small hacks for unleashing the true power of Gridle etc.

Rest, we will let you discover on your own. :D

One of the really cool things about Alfred is also that it will get smarter over time. While we believe that everyone deserves a personal assistant, we also know that no-one likes a dumb one! ;)
If you have any thoughts on what new/more/amazing things Alfred can do, please let us know in the comments. After all, we are in this together!

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Until next time.

The Team,

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People, meet Alfred; Alfred, meet People
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