Making Gridle work for your teams, your projects and yourself..
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How it works? Why it works? And more about the way it will change your work-life forever..

Team communication has changed over the past decade. Today you will use email and 4 or 5 other tools to get work done. An app for files, for tasks, for projects or video-conferencing. This means you will spend hours every day switching from app to app in order to give updates, to get notifications and to generally stay up to date at work.
**Welcome to Gridle..
Gridle brings together communication through tasks, files, chats and video conferences within teams, around projects or through mobile on one cloud based blissfully simple and secure environment. Plus, it integrates with things you already use.

Here’s a 1-Min over-view:

And a few features you will come across when you start using Gridle.



A workspace is universal set of all the people who are working with you. It’s like a virtual company of sorts. From your CEO to your tech intern and their files, chats, tasks and projects rest in this one secure, virtual sphere. Even your Lawyer, Free-lancer and Consultant can be part of your workspace as guests and have limited access.

You can find more info here about Fencing, Admin rights basically complete information on how a workspace works below:

Managing Projects


Creating a project makes it easy for your team to visualise their goals and always stay in the know of what is to be done, by whom, and at what time. You can also use projects as topics (Eg. Rock Music) or as teams (Eg. Sales team).

A Screen-grab showing how a typical project would look like
You will be able to chat in real-time instead of email-threads, have a file-repository and create task-lists.

Here’s how Project Management works with Gridle

Task Management


Tasks are the regular activities that you do at work. Tasks are things that give your work-day a plan and a part of it can be your personal “to do list” or ones that are assigned to you by a colleague.

Bringing cake for birthday party of a colleague or submitting accounts report to your boss; tasks can be simple and complex.

Gridle makes it real easy to stay on top of these things. Here’s how you can manage your tasks effortlessly with Gridle.



Doesn’t matter whether you are a 10 people company or a 5000 people multi-national, chatting is a way of work. People like to talk and ideas flow when they do. With Gridle you can have one to one, one to many and project level chats which gives context to your content.Gridle chat is as seamless as it can get.

Here’s a brief guide on Gridle-chat.



It’s important. From a potential intern’s resume to your Fiscal Balance-sheet; from plans for the new office to a scanned copy of your daughter’s birthday card; you can upload and save images, documents and even unheard file extensions under air-tight security at Gridle.

More importantly, Gridle seamlessly integrates with your dropbox, drive or other file-sharing systems so you always have when you need, when you need it.

You can check out how File-sharing works here.

There’s a lot more to Gridle. Profiles & Settings, IP-Security, Performance Analytics, Alfred, LDAP Integration, application store, plugins, mobile apps and about 30+ integrations. The idea behind Gridle is to become Salesforce for Productivity Suites so that when you want to use anything to improve your productivity/efficiency/performance, from design annotator to time-tracking; from deal-flow to intelligent scheduling, Gridle will have it all!

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Making Gridle work for your teams, your projects and yourself..
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