It's what we do together that sets us apart!
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Skills eat Degrees for breakfast here at Gridle. We are a small, tightly knit team of hackers, hustlers and normal people.

Building an enterprise is about building the team. Other than picking the right market and having a great product; building the team is the most important thing that our company will do.

“The team you build is the company you build” - Vinod Khosla

We need smart people, who want to work really hard, and can communicate really well. Every company needs that. These are really true but we would like to mention some of the non-obvious things here today as well.


While we are working, we will take on some herculean endeavours and the whole world is going to tell us why we are going to fail. If we don’t have that internal fire of belief; if we don’t have people who say “You know what! We are going to do this and it doesn’t matter what the haters say!” Or “We are going to figure this out” or “This problem, you know.. it must be solvable”. If we don’t have the spirit of optimism in the team, it’s very hard to work while the world continues to punch us in the face.

Idea Generators:

We are looking for people in the company who are constantly throwing out ideas; most of which will be bad. Some we’ll dismiss; some, we’ll implement and fail, but some, will go on to help build the foundations of the company and that’s super important.

"We’ll figure it out":

The spirit of “We’ll figure it out” is our favourite thing to find among our team members. A lot of things go wrong. The situations that our company will be in, is going to be incredibly dynamic. So, this idea, that “even if I am not qualified on paper” or “I have not solved this problem before” but the spirit of “You know what; we’ve got the people we need and we are going to figure this out” is really consequential. The audacity of that. The audacity of determination, as you’ll discover, is amazing!

"I’ve got it":

You hear in big companies a lot that “It’s not really my department” or “it’s not really my skill set so someone else is going to do that”. We’ve got to be better. We need people who will just step up and say “I’ve got it, don’t worry about it.” Wherever you currently are, start saying “I’ve got it”. Whenever the next time you are in a meeting and you feel the conversation is inching towards "Now what will we do?", just step up and say "I've got it" and you’ll realise how empowering that is.

Action Bias:

Our team should have a bias towards action. We will win often only by moving really quickly. We will never have as much data as we’d like or we will never have as much time to deliberate as we’d like and we need people who are willing to act with much less certainty. If we act and if it doesn’t work, we will adapt really quickly and try something else.

Blessing of inexperience:

We started this company because no one told us it was going to be this hard. If we had the experience and we knew how difficult it was going to be, we may never have started.

“All the best things I ever did, came from having no experience whatsoever and having no money” -Steve Wozniak.

This is of course not true always but in early stages, this inexperience works almost like magic. It happens when people attempt to do things they are not really supposed to do. We firmly believe in making bets on people who are inexperienced but have super high-potential.

Conclusively, we live in a time in which we are called upon to work in ways we dint anticipate. None of us is perfect, but we try our best because this team is worthy of our best. We trust our instincts as we fight our daily fights. Some we will win, some we won’t and some, we will only know in time. But we leave each night hopeful, that today, we've done well; that our instincts have not led us astray and that our best has been good enough.

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It's what we do together that sets us apart!
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