New Invoice Journey, Zapier Integration 2.0, Email Templates Customization
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Gridle's fifth product update is here!

We now have a New Invoice Journey, introduced Zapier Integration 2.0, and brought the ability to Customize Email Templates.

Major Releases

New Invoice Journey

Adding customers and new payment modes has become a lot more easier in Gridle after the formation of new invoice journey which allows you to add new customers and payment modes directly from within the invoice module.

You can add a new customer and a new payment mode at the time of creating or editing an invoice so that every time you don't have to open the customers or payments module to add customer and payment and then go back to creating an invoice for that customer and that payment mode.

Zapier Integration 2.0

Earlier the integration with Zapier was quite basic and only allowed you to add a lead to Gridle via Zapier.

But with Zapier integration 2.0 you can now choose your Gridle workspace and the custom fields associated with get populated so that you can push the values in those fields directly from Zapier to Gridle.

Email Templates Customization

Editing email templates was a limitation in Gridle and you had to do away with the predefined templates that were there in Gridle.

This was a real issue for our users as every time they would need to change the email templates as per their requirements and this became a pain point for them.

The pain point turned out to be a feature in Gridle. You as a Gridle user can now edit the email templates of invoices, proposals and the invitation email sent to clients to join the client portal.

Do not stick with the default email templates of Gridle, build your own!

Apart from the above major ones there were some minor releases too.

Minor Releases ????

1. Users can be made admins of customers.

2. Reminders can be edited/deleted.

3. Default invoice template can be set.

4. Edit/delete groups in items.

That was it for February. Our team is working on some more exciting things for March. So stay tuned ????

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New Invoice Journey, Zapier Integration 2.0, Email Templates Customization
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