Introducing Gridle Analytics..
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Introducing Gridle Analytics..

Now improve your productivity by upto 13% with Gridle!

A month ago, MobilT, a big-data startup that is revolutionizing the retail shopping industry and also one of the beneficiaries of free-startup-accounts of Gridle, came down to visit our office. While we were understanding their use-case for one of the case-studies that we are building, they mentioned that there is no way to measure productivity.

“I mean.. I can feel that we are working faster with Gridle and we are all on the same page; but that’s all english right! I want to know how faster am I working or how much is Gridle helping me.. that could really mean something” their chief of tech said.

At the epicenter of our every action/discussion/development/delivery is a mail, tweet or call from one of our users suggesting us something. The first thing we recalled after our meeting was a quote that hangs in our office.


What MobilT said actually made sense. If Gridle could identify in a tangible fashion as to how much are our users getting things done, it would help a lot. And that’s what we did!

A very basic yet accurate representation of individual performance, an idea around how productive they are and a little view into top three performers of the organization's team!

In a month’s time, all of us delivered something that looks like this.


How many tasks were assigned to you, how many were important and how many did you complete post the deadline. Each and every task, depending upon the language, deadlines and importance is measured. You can also compare your performance over the period of time!

Such a tangible look into your work has never been done before! The ability to own up to your work and be proud about it’s quality or precision, helps you in making your case stronger at the time of appraisals and in a way challenges yourself to perform better.

You can see how your teams as well as individuals in those teams have been performing. Which tasks were bottlenecks and at what points did decision making get delayed. This would help not just as a feedback mechanism but taking these numbers as inputs, team leads can actually change the way they work.

They can also identify top performers in those teams and induce a healthy competition within the team through a reward mechanism which ultimately is a win-win situation for the team as well as the project as a whole.

We will of-course make it much more detailed and better as we move forward.

And, we hope you like it!

Do let us know your thoughts @gridle_io.

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Introducing Gridle Analytics..
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