Introducing Github Integration with Gridle!
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A lot of our customers at Gridle are product companies and a large part of their day job is to code and build cool stuff. Innovation in Tech is one of the most important aspects of any business and GitHub unarguably does a bang-on job at enabling Product Teams do just that!


If you are one of those teams using Gridle, that are into development and collaborating on your code using Github, you would love with what we have introduced on Gridle, just for teams like yours.

Recently we have enabled users on Gridle to integrate their Github repositories with their project, thereby letting the team know about what is going on in their Github repo from Gridle itself (such as New Commits Pushed etc).

Here’s the guide:

To set up Github Integration on Gridle, just follow these Steps:

  1. On your Desk, Click on your Workspace Name on the top left corner and click on Manage Workspace. Then, click on Integrations on the Left Navigation Bar. You will come on a screen that loosely looks like this →


  1. Click on the Configure button Next to Github, the following Window would open:


  1. Select a Project, and then Copy the URL generated below and Click on the Configure Integration Button.

  2. Head to Github, and in your account, go to the repository that you’d like to get updates about on Gridle. Click on the Github Settings tab.


  1. Click on Webhooks on the Left Navigation Bar, and then press Add Webhook.


  1. Under the Payload URL, paste the link that you generated on Gridle, under Github Configuration. Ensure that the Content Type is application/json and SSL verification is enabled. Under the events section, select Just the push event (Currently only the Push events are supported). Make sure the Active Checkbox is selected. Press the Add Webhook button when done.


  1. Done! Github has been configured, and whenever you or any of your team members performs an activity on the selected Github repository, Alfred, your personal assistant/butler within Gridle, will send out a message in the Project that it has been integrated with, containing details and a link for quick view as you can see below.


Alfred Notification About updates on Github Repo

Awesome, ain’t it?

Have a great time coding cool stuff! Also, if you are looking for a different integration, tell us about it on and we’ll build it within 7 days straight. Start to finish.


Until next time.

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Introducing Github Integration with Gridle!
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