Introducing Freshdesk Integration with Gridle
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A lot of our customers at Gridle are product companies and a large part of their day job is to provide customer support and service. Customer support is one of the most important aspects of any business and Freshdesk does a bang-on job at enabling businesses to do just that!


So, last week, while we were having a routine feedback conversations with one of our customers, Zepo, they recommended an integration with Freshdesk, which would make it easier for their support teams to have conversations around support tickets that were being raised.

7 days. That’s it.

We already integrate with Dropbox, Drive, Appear, Github, Slack and now Freshdesk to enable our customers perform better.

A part of our manifesto is that we believe that us and our customers are in partnership. As a consequence of that, any of our customers could come up to us, request for an integration and we would build it within the month; for no additional charges. We sleep better when our customers are delighted. :)

This one, however, we built it within a week since we believe a lot of our other customers may also need an integration with Freshdesk.
If you have a request, write into us at

It’s blissfully simple!


Once integrated, Alfred, your personal assistant/butler within Gridle, just sends out a message in the Project that it has been integrated with, containing details of the ticket and a link for quick view as you can see above.

You can collaborate around the Ticket

The cool part however, is that you can collaborate around the ticket. Here’s an example of how that works.


In case the ticket is complex and you want to create a task with checklists and comments, you can quickly ask Alfred to assign the ticket as a task to a specified individual, give it a deadline and successfully close it.

Awesome, ain’t it?

If you also want to integrate Freshdesk with your Gridle account, here’s a 2-min guide to doing that.
Have a great time supporting your customers. :)


Until next time.

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Introducing Freshdesk Integration with Gridle
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