Introducing File Thumbnails!
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Basically, now, you will be able to see a short preview of files that you have uploaded on Gridle. It will dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend searching amongst the files that you have on Gridle.

Now, it isn’t something ground breaking. So, we are not going to write 1000 more words in trying to create a hoopla around the efforts that went into it. It’s just a small and meaningful step towards helping our users perform better.

But, why did we build it?

We believe that our customers are our partners. We are in it together.


So, a couple of days ago, we sent out a non-intrusive message to some of our most active users through our in-app support. We told them that there were 8 different features that we could build in the near future and offered them to prioritise based on their needs.

And boy did we hear back! Loud and clear. It took us a day to analyse the responses and 3 more days to build & ship the thumbnails in files.

Where all are thumbnails? Everywhere.

Everything in Gridle is closely connected. This close knitting of our features actually yield benefits to our users. Thumbnails on files are available everywhere. They are available for files attached in a particular task, within a personal/project chat and of-course on file-repository page of projects.

What’s more? The thumbnails end up making Gridle look even more beautiful!

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Introducing File Thumbnails!
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