Celebrating The Women At Gridle - #BalanceforBetter
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It is the International Women's Day 2019 and while you might be thinking this post to be one another clichéd Women’s Day post from the whole lot on the web, this is a celebration of the women who work with us and have shaped Gridle throughout the years.

This is just a small gesture of gratitude towards all the major and minor contributions of these amazing ladies.

Today’s women have left no stone unturned in every corner of the industry and the women at Gridle are preaching this practice to their full potential.

Being independent, taking responsibilities and playing the role of a leader at various fronts is changing the older perceptions of being a women.

Here’s a big shout out to the young, cheerful and talented women at Gridle.

You Have Created An Entirely Unique Place For Yourself In The Industry Ladies.

On this wondrous occasion we want to highlight one very proud moment of our Co-founder and CTO, Anupama Panchal, when she was featured as one of the top women entrepreneurs of India who stand as great role models for others to follow.

And, there have been more achievements in the form of bigger projects which wouldn't have been possible hadn't there been these talented women standing with us and constantly making efforts to break our limits as a company.

As a part of the journey here are some notable projects we have accomplished together -

  1. Aditya Birla Capital
  2. Innocity
  3. Aditya Birla Finance Limited
  4. DepositBook
  5. Homeschool Panda
  6. Samcara


We, at Gridle, are fortunate to have passionate and ever enthusiastic women, working in different spheres of the trade, from design, development, project management, to sales and marketing.

Many of them wear many different hats from managing their work at the workplace to pursuing their responsibilities at home.

You motivate us to perform better, guide us to adhere to our values, inspire us with your sincerity and lead us with your vision.

An organisation with no women will never know the awesome results of grace and compassion going hand in hand.

We not only believe in women empowerment but also incorporate these principles in our day to day operations.

Our workforce comprises of 47% females as compared to the industry standards of 33%.

This not only balances the male to female ratio in our organisation, but also maintains a healthy and happy environment at the workplace.

This Women’s Day, we appreciate the efforts you put in to make each task a successful one with your ability to handle tough situations calmly and intelligently and, look forward to many more years of prosperous endeavors and a shining future with you 😊

A very Happy Women's Day 2019!

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Celebrating The Women At Gridle - #BalanceforBetter
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