In case you missed it : Updates on Gridle last month!
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Improvements in Checklists of Tasks:

We, at Gridle, from time to time talk to our customers and the last time when we were talking to one of our customers said:

Yeap, I agree that by dividing a big task in small chunks it becomes easy to track and finish and it also helps us in planning them out in sequence but sometimes, things don’t go as planned and we need to change the sequence of the items in the checklist!

We’ve been using Gridle internally to build Gridle also and we felt that this was much needed. So, we came up with this!


Now, you will be able to re-order checklist items of a task with the help of drag and drop, And you will be able see a progress bar of the task, as it will help you prioritise the items of the checklist in a better way and it will help you see the progress of the task at a glance.

Chat has gotten better too!

Previously, you’d chat about an action item and then create a task for the same. This is how it would go about previously:

Let’s see a chat snippet between Richard, Dinesh and Gilfoyle.

Richard: Hey guys I don’t think the new compression is fast enough.
Dinesh: I knew that your hardware sucks @Gifoyle!
Gilfoyle: Shut up! It’s your shi%@y software which is not working.
Richard: please both of you make the compression fast and get it done by 5 pm tomorrow.

After this, Richard would,

Creat a task
Add Dinesh and Gilfoyle to it
Add the deadline of ‘5 pm tomorrow’.


Now, you will see a button just besides your chat messages and when you will click on it, it will automatically do all of the above mentioned steps for you. Don’t worry you will still have the option to edit it before you actually create it but not it’s not a 3 step process it’s just a click of a button now.

Any thoughts or comments? please share them here or you can send us a mail by clicking here.

Optional Project Deadlines

While we built ‘Projects’ to be used for planning stuff and executing it. In a lot of cases, our users would use it only as a group, subject or a team which need not necessarily have a deadline.

You asked for it, we made the deadlines on projects as an optional field. Want to use Projects for your teams or just a purpose, go ahead; an indefinite project is waiting for you.

We’re coming up with more small heavenly intuitive updates in near future. Stay tuned in. :)

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In case you missed it : Updates on Gridle last month!
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