Improve Productivity by using the right tools!
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Generally, when we discuss about productivity, we talk about leadership, modernisation, optimisation, and processes; but the basic and the missed out topic is using the right set of tools which can help in enhancing the overall processes and manage entire work flow.

What do we mean by “The Right Tools”?

Spoiler alert!


Look, even a guy like Jon Snow needs a Valyrian sword to kill a white-walker. I mean this is a guy who, after being butchered by his own sworn brothers, came back to life! The point simply is, if you have the right set of tools (Read: Dragon Glass), even a guy like Sam can kill a white-walker!

Let’s get back to work:

We all are majorly focused on execution, but in the current world of multi-location offices, off-shore team-mates and competing priorities, how are you planning to get things done in a processed manner? Before we sit down to discuss about the tools that are available in the market to expand and enhance your teamwork, collaboration and productivity, it is important to understand the type of tools that you actually need for YOUR business.


The major challenge in any multi-network organisation is to bring all the teams on a single platform. Educate, engage and enable them to use the tool for every task as a process.

So, choosing a tool is not as simple as it looks.
From an individual point of view, you may be able to use a particular tool diligently, organise your email, split your time but if other people don’t do that, doesn’t matter if you are more determined than Rocky Balboa in Eye of the tiger, you will lose!

We hear a lot about team management and task management tools in the market, but until and unless it fits the basic requirements, it is not the ideal choice. Not more or less, but it should at-least fit the ‘Get Things Done’ (GTD) criteria. Moreover, instead of using different tools for each task, it is recommended to use a single solution that offers all the features needed in your daily work life.

Let’s break down the basic features that we use in our day to day workplace:

  1. Getting information
  2. Scheduling meetings
  3. Communicating things
  4. Manage tasks and
  5. Report the progress

Getting Information:


Gone are the days when physical files and folders were stored in the cabinets. Thanks to the technology, that it has been replaced by the disk space, files and folders. In order to enhance your productivity, the tool should have the facility to collect, store, archive and share different types of files and folders. It should have the flexibility to share files on one-on-one as well as one-to-many basis.

Scheduling Features


Managing time is also an important part of enhancing productivity. With the right type of scheduling features you can manage all your meetings and alerts properly from the same software. Using the app version of the solution, you can also schedule calls or video conference on the go. This is fairly important since you will be, ahead of time, be able to fix up your priorities!

Communication Features

In most of the cases, people use different tool for scheduling a meeting, then conduct the meeting on a different set of tools like Skype or Oovoo. It’s like going to bed in the south and eating break-fast in the north. Would you call that a home! We’ve made a video about it, see here


Anyways, if you had the liberty to define the calendar in the same tool and use the same solution for setting a video conference then you need not juggle between different softwares. At times, the scheduler may work, but if the video calling software did not work, then there are chances of losing your business.

Task Management Features

Just imagine — how easy your life becomes when you have Task Management features in the same solution. You just had a meeting, defined the list of tasks and posted it to different teams and started get things in motion. No waiting for the notes, no moving, counting and asking around! Using these features will not only save your time but also multiply the productivity.


Reporting Features


Analysis and evaluation of task is an integral and important part of any collaboration solution. With the help of various evaluation reports you can analyse the efforts added by different teams. Use it in the best way and keep your team always motivated.

So, that’s it! That’s the list. What do you think about these? Do you think there should be more? Let us know in the comments below. It will be interesting to have other perspectives from different job-roles.
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Until next time.

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Improve Productivity by using the right tools!
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