Importance of UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development
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UI/UX Design – Is There A Difference?

Though, the use of the UI and UX Design is often confused, they are poles apart while designing a mobile app. It is like when you come across a mobile app, UI (User Interface) refers to the feel of the app, whereas UX (User Experience) refers to the usability of the app. If you think of a mobile app as a cake, then UX design would be the ingredients of the cake which provides it the required taste and UI design would be the decoration and icing of this cake.

UX design is the process of developing a user-friendly interaction between the product and people, concentrating on its functionality. UI design, on the other hand, is the process of providing an exquisite look and appeal to the product, concentrating on its graphical presentation.

So simply put, UX design is a sponge cake, while UI design is the icing with a cherry on top of it.

How Are They Important?

UI and UX Design are both equally important for the success of the app. Without any balance between the two, your mobile app will not give you the desired results. Without UX design, your mobile app might look good but it will not be usable or would be rigid to use for the customers. For an application without effective UI design, your app will not look good, no matter however interactive and useful it is. The two terms are a perfect blend of feel and usability where UX Design helps in increasing the functionality of the app and UI ensures that the usability is packed in an attractive packing.

Food for thought:

You create a high user experience with UI/UX Design. Gaining the customer’s attention to use your app will depend on how ‘usable’ your app is. Better the presentation, higher the traffic and revenue you generate.

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Importance of UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development
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