How we built IIM-A's startup engine
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Duration: 7 Months | Team size: 12 | On-Going here

Key Outcomes

  • Single Database and Central Back-end across programs.
  • Collaboration between sector specific entrepreneurs building on network effects.
  • Accurate impact analysis with progress tracking.

The Premise
CIIE, IIM-A is the oldest incubator in India and one of the serious venture financing firms that is a joint venture between Govt. of India, Govt. of Gujarat and IIM-A.


The Problem
They reached out to us through a comment on one of our blogs. The challenge was they wanted to build a platform and not a tool or a product. This platform had to be robust enough to onboard all of their past data on entrepreneurs, startups and funding. At the same time, it had to be fun and engaging for entrepreneurs to connect with each other.


How we went about it
Our experience of building came in handy; both from robustness as well as engagement point of view. The user experience, product touch points and micro-interactions were meticulously designed. Currently, it's the only platform in the country that offers a social network for entrepreneurs.

"One of the advantages of working with Gridle is that they take ownership of the work and meaningfully contribute in decision making."

Mr. Ashwin Joshi, VP Ecosystem, CIIE, IIM-A

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How we built IIM-A's startup engine
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