How to Integrate Freshdesk with Gridle!
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So, you are supporting your customers with Freshdesk and are looking for a better way to collaborate around your customer support tickets. For the exact same reason, we built an integration with Freshdesk. Here’s primarily what this integration can do for you.

Step 1: Go to your Freshdesk account & log in ->
Once you are in, go to your Admin page and look for the option to “Dispatch’r”. This basically will allow the tickets, as soon as they are created, be pushed directly into Gridle.


Step 2: Create a rule ->
A rule in Freshdesk basically governs what, when and where will the data be pushed. When you click on the “New Rule” button, you will be asked to describe it. Give it a description & keep it simple so that your other team members will also be able to understand.


Step 3: Make the magic happen ->
Above the “Actions” tab, you will also see “Conditions”. Don’t change anything in that. Just keep it as it is.


In the actions tab, make the following changes:

  • In the first dropdown, select “Trigger Webhook”
  • In “Request Type” dropdown, select “POST”
  • In “Callback URL”, copy and paste the Webhook URL that Gridle generates after selecting the project within which you want Freshdesk to notify with tickets:


  • Click on the Add Custom header option on the right side, and add:
  • In Encoding option select JSON
  • In Content select all the options

Step 4: Save the choice ->
Click on the save icon and voila! The freshdesk integration is ready to go! If you face any trouble, just write into us at contact[at]gridle[dot]io and we will fix that issue up right away!

Have a great time supporting your customers. :)


Until next time.

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How to Integrate Freshdesk with Gridle!
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