How to Include SaaS Platforms in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
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The immense growth of easily accessible and affordable technology solutions for SaaS based products and services is becoming increasingly commoditized. Digital marketing strategy has a great impact on it and is considered as an effective marketing strategy for Software as a Service product providers. Here are a few tactics that will help in including SaaS platforms in your digital marketing strategy.

Encourage Visitors to Stay Longer

Everyone takes some time to decide whether they will buy a product or not. So, it is important to keep them on the website without annoying the users. Higher engagement of the customers will result in profit. Update your website with appealing content and offer them product or content they are interested in.

Use Videos as Content Marketing Tool

Prepare short videos ranging 6 to 30 seconds in length on your SaaS product or services. Upload it on various social media platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook to distribute your content worldwide.

Boost Engagement with Screenshots

Image sharing tools like Instagram and Pinterest have provided a perfect platform to market SaaS application with intriguing content. It is a known fact that visual content attracts the eye of potential customers among the masses. Adding pictures of your SaaS product on Facebook and Twitter increases engagement by 60 percent.

Invest in Mobile Marketing

It is vital that your content is reachable and shareable on smartphones. If your website or SaaS service is inaccessible on smartphones, it is time to re-design your software. Build a responsive website for your business that will provide immersive customer experience and give you a competitive advantage.

Increase site rankings with Google+

Google+ has more than 300 million active users. You can increase your search engine rankings by sharing your content on Google+ platform. The main advantage of Google+ is that it allows you to share content without any limitation of advertising algorithm that may keep your products or services unseen by fans and followers.

With the above tips you can increase your digital marketing strategy with SaaS products. Click here if you want to know how to increase revenue with SaaS platform. Also, if you are looking for a software that will assist you in every aspect of digital marketing, SaaS, e- commerce, fintech and other services, then sign up now on Gridle.

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How to Include SaaS Platforms in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
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