How To Create An E-Commerce User Experience With UX Design
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Why Should You Enhance E-Commerce User Experience?

UX design concentrates on the usability test of your application or website and improving its functionality. The main purpose of the e-commerce user experience is making purchasing easy for the customers. Apart from making the e-commerce websites appealing, pleasing and high on graphics, it is equally important to inculcate the feature of usability in it.

For a business website of e-commerce, UX design plays an important role as,

1) It helps in generating trust for the products among the user.
2) The stakeholders will be expecting returns.
3) To obtain maximum traffic with a high user-customer conversion rate.

E-commerce user experience can be enhanced substantially by implying the following strategies:

1. Keep the Navigation Simple

In a supermarket, you have people to help you around but what about a website?You are on your own. That is where UX designers (User experience designers) come in the picture. Proper navigation from product specification to product payment with minimum number of clicks will create a great user experience for your website. Navigation should be as simple as possible so that the customers can easily get what they are looking for. A successful e-commerce UX design should be made keeping in mind the importance of keeping the navigation simple and smooth.

2. Persuade Them to Purchase Your Product

From placing a product with loads of information to the end result (which is payment) the consumer should be ‘engaged’. That happens if the entire process creates a long-lasting impact on the users. Providing the users with options like product comparisons, testimonials, fun-facts, comment or a feedback section, call to-action buttons, etc. will generate an unforgettable e-commerce user experience. The key to the purchase of the product lies in generating trust among the users.

3. Product Placement in the Website

One of the e-commerce UX best practices is to concentrate where your product is placed on the webpage. Appropriate color layouts and correct information, with more than one image of the product will help the consumers take correct decisions. However, the UX designers should understand the importance of providing limited information. Avoid using lengthy sentences as that can irritate the consumer and they will leave the website without buying the item.

How Can Gridle Help?

Gridle is all about enhancing e-commerce user experience. From consultation services to UX/UI design, it facilitates you to make your website and application a success. Gridle comprises of a team of experts that offer simple solutions. It is an e commerce development company which will create a website or an application that delivers value through subscription-based models. Whether it is an application made for customers or software for internal organization team, Gridle will cater to all your digital needs.

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How To Create An E-Commerce User Experience With UX Design
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