How SuggestMyChoice uses Gridle to serve their growing 70K+ customers!
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Suggest My Choice is revolutionising the e-Commerce industry through it’s online platform that intelligently makes product suggestions, based on usage patterns without any bias towards margins or taking advantage of customer’s lack of knowledge. And the central piece to their ability to serve is Gridle.


They make about 100K+ product suggestions to their users. As you may imagine, building an algorithm that can do that, requires some serious amount of work, iteration and communication within the team.

How did it start? They were using Slack!

Suggestmychoice was initially using Slack for their internal communication. While it was nice & shiny, they quickly started facing issues around managing tasks. Slash commands within Slack were not much help since they acted only as reminders and lacked capability to handle complex tasks.


One of the founders of SuggestMyChoice came across our Slack Vs. Gridle article & signed up to check out whether they will be able to manage tasks within Gridle. With this single use-case, they signed up and went on to on-board their team. It was quick & easy. The team on-boarded within a day.

How Gridle worked out?

The best part was, without the help of our customer support or any demo, they invited their core team and started using Gridle. After using Gridle for a few days, they found using Slack was redundant since Gridle also offered Instant Chat capabilities.

They could not just chat, but could also manage their teams, tasks, projects and files with Gridle.
It wasn’t all glory though!
The battle wasn’t won for them just yet. For a while, they struggled with Gridle since it wasn’t as smooth, was new and had an unnerving amount of functionalities.

One of their core team members got in touch with Hitesh, our customer success lead and narrated their issues. Week after that, our CEO Yash set up a meeting with their core team, assured that the issues will be resolved and requested for patience. Our product team then started checking off their issues one-by-one; pushing updates, making changes and shipping features almost every 3 days!

Within the month, we also arranged to import all of their data from Slack to Gridle. It was like their communication just took a shot of steroids!


Their complete team has been using Gridle for 8 months now and were open to sharing their usage when we reached out. Here’s what their Co-founder has to say:

We were looking for a simple task management tool to manage our work. We initially used Gridle to manage tasks but later, their chat was just a delight! It helped us to manage our whole work at a single place in a beautifully designed interface.
— Len Vaz, Co-founder, SuggestMyChoice

Increasingly, product companies like SuggestMyChoice have been moving to Gridle to manage their teams, tasks & communication in one single place and reduce the use of emails, reminders and chat clients. This powerfully streamlines their work.

So, you!

Yes, you. If you are looking to get rid of the in-efficient patch work of emails, excel sheets, chat-clients and integrations, do check out Gridle. It is nothing less than magic to see all of your context, content and colleagues in just one single place and finally start getting work done.

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How SuggestMyChoice uses Gridle to serve their growing 70K+ customers!
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