Gridle Vs. Asana: Looking for Asana alternatives?
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Trying to decide whether you should go for Asana or looking for an alternative? You might want to read this!

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room!

Yes, we are a bit biased, given that we have been building Gridle for about a year. Now, if you think about it, the reason why we built Gridle was because when we were working on a project, we used Asana, Slack, Dropbox, excel-sheets and integrated all of them within themselves.

It was scattered; it was lost; it was never clear enough!


Using these multiple tools to work together was much like breathing under water; terribly painful and ultimately useless.

Why compare Asana and Gridle?

As mentioned above, one of the tools that we had used for about 6 months was Asana. This allowed us to understand from grounds-up what issues are faced by Asana users.

After converting about 21 companies who previously used Asana and moved to Gridle, we thought we should highlight some key differences that will help you determine which tool to choose while looking for a collaboration/communication/task-management tools.

Here’s a quick comparison among the features..


Essentially, You can manage tasks and work at the same time!

It’s not ground breaking, we know. But sometimes, convenience of having everything; from colleagues, content and context to files, tasks, chats and video calls is much more important than being able to use emojis in your tasks.

After a while, it becomes a bit old-school; jumping between tools to get stuff done.

A unified System, Gridle

As you can see in one of the case-studies we did with You-Dedicated, a premiere IT services company, Gridle significantly reduced the number of tools that were being used.

They previously used Basecamp for their projects, Skype for video calls, Whatsapp to stay in touch on the go and Google Calendar for managing appointments. All of this, apart from the in-dispensable Github and Zendesk for their code-base and support tickets!

Gridle replaced about 4 of them and integrated with rest.

Fewer tools → Less time spent juggling between platforms → More time on work → Higher productivity


It’s like Gridle is our project manager. Since we are in services, we have a lot of repeat clients. And they are a lot happier. We went from 33% repeat clients to 80% in 6 months.” — Mitesh, Founder @ YouDedicated.

Ideas flow when people talk: Gridle Chat


One of the major reasons why companies are preferring Gridle over Asana is because teams can have a fluid conversation while they are working on tasks & sharing files. It’s massively important for any team to have clean & clear communication within projects and Gridle chat offers just that.


Also, it’s just plain easier for you and your customers


Granted. Both Asana and Gridle provide Guest accounts for your customers. But, your customers don’t just want to passively monitor the progress through gantt charts or assign tasks to delivery heads. They want to speak with real people who are actually working and get more involved in the process.

Gridle guest accounts allow them to interact through chat, tasks, files while being restricted to specific projects as decided by you. There are multiple ways in which our users use it; here are some:

  • Startups use it to constantly stay in touch with their investors and give them regular updates.
  • Small Services companies (15 to 200 employee strength) in IT, design and Digital Marketing use it to involve their clients into their forward delivery processes instead of doing the whole communication on e-mail.
  • Medium sized companies (201–500 employee strength) in EPC, Health-case and F&B industries use it to work with their vendors, lawyers and accountants.


You mean savings!

Currently you pay about $8.33/user/month for Asana when paid annually. If you go monthly, that 8.33 becomes $10/user/month! More importantly, if you are a 50 people company, there’s a slight chance that about 5 to 7 people will never use the thing, no matter what; and you will end up paying for them too.

As you can see on our pricing page, we are at half the cost with $5/user/month even if you are paying monthly. All discounts for long term commitment work on this plan. More importantly, we’ve got fair-billing policy in place. So, if there are people in your company who don’t use Gridle, we will not bill you for them. So, you can rest assured! After all, fair’s fair.

Don’t sweat the small stuff


Between us, we share about 4 features. Gridle has about 6 more in chat, Video Conferencing etc but it is more than the collection of it’s features. Think of it this way. If you are a 50 people company and go for Gridle instead of Asana for a year, apart from getting more value with better features, you will also save enough to:

  • Get an Italian Coffee Maker for your office or
  • Get monthly massages for all your employees or
  • One extra coffee/employee/day or
  • Branded Custom Designed company Hoodie for all your teams
  • Your boss’s good word!
  • If you’re your own boss, peace of mind!

Now tell me, that aint cool!

And, you always have Alfred..


Alfred is your personal assistant who will show you around in Gridle and by the 2nd minute you’ll feel like you’ve always been here! Here’s a couple other things that Alfred will do for you.

One of the really cool things about Alfred is also that it will get smarter over time. While we believe that everyone deserves a personal assistant, we also know that no-one likes a dumb one! ;)

In the end,

You have tried a lot of project management, chat or task management softwares online and have not been satisfied. You then have inevitably, moved back to email. We’ve been there and it’s hard! Emails are good for great many things but not for long running projects.

The idea behind Gridle is to bring all the forms of communication possible on the internet today in one place. When that is accomplished, visibility into projects dramatically increase, bottle-neck identification happens faster and informed decisions are made.

Not Convinced? Check out this 1-min video!

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Gridle Vs. Asana: Looking for Asana alternatives?
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