'Reply' in chats, Android Revamp, iPad compatibility and much more
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Hi there,

We firmly believe that us and our users are in a partnership and we've been hard at work past few weeks building things that our users have been requesting and recommending. So, here is a brief on all the updates; and how to get them.

1. 'Reply' in Chats

This has been by far the most asked feature. When you are working with your teams in Gridle, conversations move really quickly and touch upon many different topics at once.


This simple feature, combined with the power of @mentions, makes a lot of things faster. There are things you need an update or, a go-ahead on; these things cannot be created as tasks because they are just too small for that. Really small action items can now be written down in chat and with a simple click, contextual 'reply-to' can be done.

This just brings superior simplicity to conversations.

How to get this?

Just hover on the message you wish to reply to and hit the 'reply' icon. It's as simple as that.

2. Notifications across the board

For whatever reason, even if Gridle is not open in your browser at a particular point of time, you will not miss a thing because with background notifications, you will get notified of important things that absolutely need your attention.

How to get this?

Sit back and do nothing. It's already updated.

3. Android UI Revamp

We ourselves use Gridle to build Gridle and while no user came across with a complaint or asking for this improvement; it was really frustating thing for us to conduct redundant taps and go through an in-efficient workflow of using the application.


We had taken care of this while building our iOS app but in case of our Android, it still had a little older interface. We thought it was time to bring consistency in design and optimise the flow of the software across both the platforms. So, we went ahead and did it!

How to get this?

Click here to find out app on the Play Store and click update. It's a small quick update which will take seconds and you will find a much better, smoother and optimised interface.

4. iPad Compatibility

A large section of our users use Gridle on iPad. While the app was functional up until this point, it was not optimised for iPad usage. That changes today! Now, you can work with the same fervour on any platform you want.

How to get this?

Open the App store on your iPad and download our app. As simple as that!

5. Other little stuff!

That's not all we've done. A lot of other small things have also been done. While they are not large features, they help Gridle get better one little step at a time.

  1. We've introduced 'Typing' in all forms of chat
  2. For old timers, we've made Gridle IE compatible
  3. For really heavy users, we've brought in Chat markup in Android app
  4. We've brought in file-thumbnails in Android app

There are also a lot of bug fixes, additional integrations and stability improvements that we've made on the platform.

If you are an avid user of Gridle, do let us know on contact@gridle.io which features should we include in our next release to get a chance to be mentioned on our blog!

Until Next Time,
Team Gridle

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'Reply' in chats, Android Revamp, iPad compatibility and much more
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