Five helpful tools and apps to make working easier
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In our day to day lives, where a major part of our time is spent in the work that we do, we need something that can motivate us. It is also essential that these apps help us in managing the work load that we carry and enable us to develop better approaches towards handling our work pressure. Different people have different ways to find respite, which might be in the form of a technology- oriented pass-time, a tool or even a quick message. Here are the names of the top ios and Android applications that can help you find the fun in your workplace.

1. World Time Buddy

This is a very simple application but a very useful one as well. This can especially be of immense help when you are in an international meeting. This application helps you know the dimensions associated with different time zones and thereby, enables you to match a perfect time for a meeting that you might have in a particular time zone.

2. Talkspace

In today’s fast-moving life, mental problems and depression have become common amongst the youth of the world. For moving towards the elimination of this problem, Talkspace is the application that has taken the first known initiative. Here, you can easily connect with a certified therapist and tell them about your concerns, which will be kept 100% confidential. The app allows you to connect with these expert individuals who will answer all your problems, thereby helping you develop a better way to deal with the demands of the workplace. Apart from the many useful apps in daily life, Talkspace might be helpful in a more literal way, as far as helping you to cope with the demands of the workplace are concerned.

3. Scanbot

One can be relieved of the tiresome job of scanning documents, which often leads to massive piles of papers lying around in the workspace. This can be achieved using the Scanbot app, which allows one to capture the scanned document and convert it to PDF. You can also use this app to transfer the scanned document into a notebook on Evernote, allowing you to access your important documents whenever needed. This makes Scanbot one of the daily life apps that has immense usability.

4. Habitica

This is an application which you can use to manage your tasks in an efficient manner by actually allowing you to develop habitual loops. But this is no common task manager; it is more like a game. Here you are constantly upgraded to next level as you complete a set number of tasks. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction along with the ability to complete the task in an efficient manner. This will also motivate you for the next task. Along with the process of task management, this application provides much more.

5.Home School Panda

If you have kids and their daily school activities and progress reports is something you cannot keep a track of, then Gridle’s web based app –Home School Panda is your solution! The SaaS based web app aptly titled Home School Panda is specifically designed to help parents of homeschooling kids to plan their learning activities and report results in a seamless manner. This has made lives of parents of such kids tension free. The parents will be relieved of the hardship of travelling & attending meetings in person. They can have an eye on the gradings of their child, while sitting at their home.

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Five helpful tools and apps to make working easier
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