Fin-tech & AMP; Blockchain Security: Startups That Are Coming Up
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Fintech and Blockchain Security: Which Start-ups are Pioneering?

One of the most trending technologies in the world which can help various businesses to grow is blockchain. One of the most path-breaking technologies in the recent history that can change how businesses function is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology ensures one of the safest ways to perform transactions or transport data which makes it possible to integrate blockchain technology in multiple industries. However, the sector that can have the biggest piece of the Blockchain pie is FinTech. For companies involved in online transactions, Blockchain is the panacea for every challenge faced by financial technology-oriented companies.

Fintech has also been rapidly growing due to the empowering services it provides, like mobile wallets and fast transactions. Blockchain has made waves in Fintech sector and has also led to the uprising of many start-ups willing to grow using this technology. Here are some of the most successful Fintech start-ups that make use of Blockchain:


Billon claims to change the world of finance and there is nothing challenging that argument. What Billon provides is a platform to make instant payments using blockchain technology. What keeps Billon ahead of others is that it has already received compliance with EU regulations and passed the FCA sandbox test in UK, making it a highly reliable platform. Banks usually have to incur the cost of making transactions and also processing data. Billon works as a back-end layer for banks and cuts all those costs, revolutionizing the world of finance.


This startup company has made tremendous waves in the world of Fintech through their critical use of blockchain technology. Populous is an invoice finance platform that specializes in buying and selling invoices and brings a gamut of features like smart contracts, digital tokens and blockchain security under one roof. This revolutionary startup succeeded in raising more than 10 million US dollars through crowdfunding in 5 days. This is due to the potential it possesses in creating a platform for sound investments with the benefit of safe and transparent transactions.


SALT is one of the platforms using the vast applicability of a secure blockchain network. SALT, short for Secure Automated Lending Technology helps in providing loans on the basis of mutually agreed smart contracts. This is a creative idea of developing an institution similar to banks, but through Blockchain technology. The difference between getting a bank loan and getting a SALT loan is that instead of using assets to secure loans, you can hold Bitcoin/cryptocurrency and get interest paid in doing that while also getting the assurance of using your cryptocurrency whenever you want to. By making use of blockchain technology as assets, SALT overhauls the premise of regular bank loans and opens new doors to investors.


Among other startup companies in FinTech that are useful specifically for investors, Cryptopay brings the most hands-on benefits of blockchain security technology to people. It has introduced a Cryptopay card that allows people to buy and sell Bitcoin as well as purchase their groceries or conduct business transactions with it. Cryptopay allow easy money transfers as well as easy conversion of Bitcoin into dollars or any other currency. This simple but significant idea has generated a hype that seems to actually get converted into reality as its simply understandable concept and wide arena of benefits are capable of empowering people in the current generation.

What You Can Do with Gridle?

These are some of the most ground-breaking start-ups using blockchain for fintech features. Gridle helps by analysing the compatibility of your app for blockchain integration and also opens new doors for fintech sector companies to explore the potential of blockchain technology. Gridle also helps with developing blockchain technology for e-commerce market place to help you kick-start your next blockchain project!

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Fin-tech & AMP; Blockchain Security: Startups That Are Coming Up
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