Features You Should Include in Your E-commerce Platform
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When you create an online platform for selling your product or service, the most important aspect to be considered is the e-commerce platform you are going to choose. Think about the aspects you want to specifically focus on. The first vital step would be to narrow down your requirements and selecting an e-commerce platform solution provider who can offer you exactly those e-commerce features.

The Basic Ecommerce Website Features You Need for Your Site

Here are some of the most important e-commerce features, that you absolutely need for your site to work smoothly:


Segregation According to Customer Groups

While dealing with so many customers, it gets important to categorize your customers into different groups based on volume of orders, frequency of reordering, selecting catalog, location and quantity of ordered products. These are important to filter the customers according to the content of website, options of payment and delivery options.

Customer Specific Catalog

Having the ability to design specific catalog as per the demands of customers is important. It would not only set a different way of personalized experience, but also ease the completion of orders. Personalized and specific product catalog would help your business to allow the creation of new product listings which would only cater specific customers.

Payment Gateways

In the most basic sense, as a seller, your goal is to sell products or services and earn money in return. For that, you need proper payment options which would comply with customers living in areas that you are targeting. A payment gateway should be able to integrate with bank accounts and other popular modes of transactions, without any hassle.

Multi-platform Options

Apart from having a plethora of different colours and themes, your site should be displayed properly on any device and platform. Your audience should be able to browse your site whenever and wherever they want to. In order to enable this, the website should not compromise on user experience on website or mobile website design. This would be a decisive aspect for the user-friendliness of your website which is why it would be an important factor to be considered.

Safe and Secured

This would be one of the most important and first things that a potential user would consider. E-commerce websites register and store a lot of sensitive user data which should be secured on any condition. An SSL certificate and PCI compliance are important to be considered to keep your site safe and secure.

Optimized & Helpful Content

Having good and valuable content on your website will help in ranking it higher on the search engine results. An important feature to make your custom website design a success, would be to complement it with rich and optimized content.

Why Should You Choose Gridle?

Gridle helps you detail the website as much as you want and add features that you would be able to use profitably. For instance, Gridle can help you store thousands of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and help you send triggered emails when someone adds an item to their cart. In future, you might want to expand your custom website design and Gridle provides you that flexibility to be able to add new features when you need them.

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Features You Should Include in Your E-commerce Platform
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