How Glazz is a zero email design company!
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This 25 people company uses Gridle to work with suppliers, traders and designers from Australia, USA, South Africa and United Kingdom.

25 Team members

From demo to on-boarding to pro-users in less than 3 days.

13% increase in results

Less meetings & more tasks being completed, results into faster deliveries.

Absolute 0 email

Post the first 25 days, internal email exchanged was a grand total of zero.

28th Oct 2014

Just out of curiosity, after reading about us on a website, Tapan signed up to see what Gridle was all about. Our customer success team got in touch with him.

A product demo was scheduled after understanding that the company used emails and text messages to manage their tasks. Post the demo, the company signed up for the premium trial to better evaluate the value Gridle promised to provide.

31st Oct 2014

Seconds to set up, minutes to on-board

Invitations were sent out at once. Simple UI ensured ease of use. 3 days in, they were pros.

They hated their emails

Previously, they would spend hours every week finding attachments in mails sent to them months earlier. They would scout their sent items and see if all the tasks were completed and used to star, label and categorize every email that came into their inbox. It was inefficient.

They loved Gridle desk

With Gridle, they had Gridle desk. Just one screen which would tell them what their priorities were and provided them with a clarity on timelines across all their projects and commitments.

They could call their clients, update statuses and share resources as and when they were done with them. Quick, simple and productive.

10th Feb 2015

Integrated Drive and Calendar

Our integrations quietly worked in the background and gave them the required assets and events exactly when they needed them. Contextual collaboration at it’s best.

Effortless management

" It took us at least 4 threads of email to set up a meeting. This was reduced to creating 1 event in Gridle. We could not just manage. We could do out management faster. " - Nirmeet, (Director), Guardian Glazz

Their only regret

Why didn't they sign up sooner!

Management became faster

Everybody knew exactly what they were working on. They could add their clients as guests to Gridle and set up meetings with them as well as share updates. Everyone had information they needed. Inbox hell was over for them. Gridle delivered what it promised. Peace of mind!

Feedback exchanged

Guardian glass was and is our first paid customer. They significantly helped us understand industry’s needs and pushed us to build better experiences for our users.

Remarkable feedback from their teams helped us at Gridle deliver faster and with agility. We re-iterate: Our customers and us are partners; part of a larger Gridle’s ecosystem.

No. of tools = 1, Productivity = ∞

Every functionality and feature that Gridle has or will build is not the end of our efforts. Gridle’s true strength lies in enabling you to leverage those features and deliver on your promises. That’s all we care about.

As it turns out when Guardian Glass had just 1 place to work, their teams and employees ended up increasing their productivity. Not by working more but by wasting less time.

Get up and running in no time

Guardian Glass is a classic example of how a small design as well as brick and mortar local business used Gridle to come out of sedation and perform like the world class company they set out to build


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How Glazz is a zero email design company!
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