Custom Fields, Authorize.Net, Client Portal
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Girdle's second update is here. We now have Custom Fields, Authorize.Net and Client Portal in our software.

Custom Fields: No more remaining confined to the predefined fields in Gridle

Our customers wanted to have their own fields in Lead, Customers, Proposals, Contacts, Items, Staff, Invoice and Items. This was to facilitate the way their business functions and every business operates differently.

Hence, it was wise on Gridle's part to offer fields which can be customized as per the user's use cases of Gridle's different modules and so, Custom Fields was born.

Now every Gridle user can create their own custom fields by going to -

Settings > General > Custom Fields > New Custom Field

Create your own defined field for every module in Gridle and even set view permission for every field.

Authorize.Net Integration: A new payment gateway for the regions who accept credit cards and electronic check payments

For the merchants who wanted to have their payment sorted via Authorize.Net, Gridle now also has integrated with the same.

If you don't want PayPal, Stripe or Instamojo as your go to payment gateways in Gridle then we have got you covered with Authorize.Net

Simply setup your Authorize.Net account by signing up on the platform as a merchant and inputting the API key details into Gridle.

Client Portal: Give your clients flexibility to easily collaborate with you

Managing clients are your go to thing and that's why you chose Gridle. But, when you used to send out invoices and proposals to them they would reach their email inboxes and every time your client would have to reach his/her inbox to see the same.

But no more!

Gridle now has a client portal where you can invite your clients to collaborate with you directly on the invoices and proposals.

The Client Portal becomes the one-stop place for your clients to communicate and collaborate with you over invoice and proposals and will be able to do even more in the near future.

So that's it for now from us. We will soon come with more new amazing updates and addition to the platform to make your client life-cycle management experience richer :)

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Custom Fields, Authorize.Net, Client Portal
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