Current Need To Avail an In-Depth Experience with E-commerce Catalog Management
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An E-commerce catalog management system is a systematic processing and monitoring of the strategic organization, standardization and publication of product data across various channels. It helps in a timely and accurate management of product data, maintaining consistency across all levels. It cohesively supports management of product data from inception to fulfilment, thereby reducing manual work.

How Does a Product Information Management Software Help Merchants and Customers?

Analysts say, the period of 2017-2021 would witness an increase of catalogue management to a CAGR of 12.89% on a global level. Here’s how:

Updating Products Constantly

Product catalogues for multiple channels like subscribers, customers and affiliates gets simplified and consistent, reducing the redundancy. Catalogue management collates and integrates old and new products with a centralized automation. This enables managers to gain full access and visibility through one browser, increasing their responsiveness to market changes. This results in generation of qualitative information, which is important for creating an omni-channel experience throughout the marketplace.

Easily Accessible Product Data

Product information management helps companies to acquire all the necessary information about the products spread across different platforms. A cross-channel strategy helps managers to centrally manage price lists, competition and promotion for multiple brands without putting in any manual work. It also helps in creating ready and updated sheets with latest reports on identification and gathering specific data.

Transforming Image According to Marketplaces

Catalogue management customizes and transforms the images which would best suit the marketplace. It allows to collate all digital videos and images under a single section with accurate product data. It then, transforms those images with changes in the data, according to the marketplace in which it would be displayed.

Classifying and Categorizing

It allows you to seamlessly classify and categorize your products according to different sections and attributes. Whether it is food and grocery, or health, everything is organized to facilitate specific choices. A smooth and logical flow helps in easily navigating through all the products.

How Can Gridle Help in Improving Business Performance?

Gridle makes inventory management and upgrades automated and reduces the manual work on the part of merchants. With such software, you can facilitate efficiency in terms of product data entry services, keep a track of distribution across all the channels, plan ahead and eliminate potential risks, monitor trends and optimize plans accordingly and fulfil customer expectations with ease. Without making it messier, you can transfer all the SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) from one place to another. You can format product data accordingly and further facilitate the standardization and publishing of intricate and well-defined product data for the customers.

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Current Need To Avail an In-Depth Experience with E-commerce Catalog Management
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