Creating A Viable SaaS UX Design
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In a time when SaaS is the next big thing, where thinking about where to save all your information, files, emails, etc. and worrying about the adversities of servers is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

SaaS a cloud-based application, saves your money and time on regular updates, maintenance and installation. More importantly SaaS helps you reduce your hardware costs by saving huge on the licensed software. Therefore SaaS is more like 'Software AT YOUR Service' than 'Software As A Service'.

However, SaaS software can be easily overlooked without an appropriate User Experience Design, no matter how interesting and useful the application is. For an optimum SaaS UX Design, there are some TLC pointers that can be considered crucial:

1. Reduce friction: Don’t Ask Too Much

Anybody would be irritated if you ask them 100 trivial questions altogether. It is better to ask questions gradually, instead of putting them all on the front page of your application. The customers should always feel that they are getting more than what they are giving. Friction should be minimized and reward should be clearly visible to the users.

Tip – Ask for card details later, rather than making it a mandatory information field at ‘welcome page’. Make the sign-in process form crisp and quick.

2. Focus on the main features: Create a Narrative

Make your app user-friendly and interactive by including personas. Little interactive points in your software will hold your customers’ attention a lot more as opposed to making your application dull and normative.

3. Smart page design: User Retina

Many advertisers have created campaign posters based on retina movements to capture the attention of the customers. Try applying their tactics and place important aspects on top-right side of the page. For example, place action buttons like ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Buy Now’, place them somewhere on the lower-left side so that these things do not create a hurdle in providing an enriching user experience during navigation. Such user experience design ideas subconsciously affect the user idea about the brand in a positive light.

4. Make the users look for more: Give Them a Trailer

A lot of times, the trailer of a movie intrigues you to watch the film itself. The same is for your SaaS UX design. Give the users some idea of what your application will look like in the form of a video, screenshot, image, etc. They will stay with you longer and the conversion rate from users to customers would be high.

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Creating A Viable SaaS UX Design
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