Checklist you Need to Follow for Web Application Testing
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A web application is made to be used by many kinds of user bases. The developers have to take a myriad of factors into context before making a web app. A seamless testing phase for the web app is an even more challenging task. However, there is a complete guide and checklist that you can follow for web application testing. These are some of the factors to be emphasized during web app testing:

      Usability
      Functionality
      Compatibility
      Database Validity
      Security
      Agility


Usability depends on the UX (User Experience) factor of your website. The ease of use experienced by the user relies on the fluidity of traversing through your application and utilizing its core features. The aesthetics and easy navigation through the application are important for the user to feel comfortable navigating through the application. The key elements of this test are the usage of right fonts, easy controls, user-friendly jargon, and the uniformity of elements through your web application.


The test of the features and operational behaviour of the web application are carried during functionality testing. The criteria of testing are to ascertain whether the app has been made in line with the original purpose and planning. It includes verification of whether the basic elements of the app are functional like data entry fields, and correct execution of timeout functionalities. These elements make the application functional and allow it to run without errors.


This level of testing is important to analyse if the app functions the same way on all the intended devices and platforms without any anomalies or errors. It also ensures that the visual elements of the app are consistent through these platforms. A web app has to look and function consistently throughout all widely used browsers and mobile device platforms. This is critical to test because different devices have different operating systems, screen sizes and processing capabilities. The feature of automation testing is utilized to check compatibility in different browsers, OS, images, fonts and java scripts.

Database Validity

There are two types of databases when web applications are concerned: application database and user database. Database testing includes the testing of both these databases for healthy and safe functionality of this app. The data that is displayed should be the same as the one entered in the database by the developer or the user. It also includes the testing of functionality concerned with entry forms and validity of data entry fields through the application.

Security Testing

Security is one of the prime needs of users when it comes to web applications. The data of the user is to be made secure and confidential and the app code should not be vulnerable to hacks and data theft. While using ad-functionality and integration with other applications, there is a lack of data security observed at times. The tester must keep integration and scalability in mind while ascertaining the security of the application.

Performance Testing

Today’s devices boast higher processing speed capabilities, but the speed of an application also depends on its structure and robustness of the underlying code. Also, when an application utilizes internet data, varied speeds of data transmission are observed throughout different geographies. An app should to be able to deliver high speed performance to ensure that the user stays on the app longer.

How Gridle helps you in Developing the Perfect Web App?

Gridle is a platform that helps communities of developers and testers to unify their efforts to develop and test their applications. Gridle makes it possible by enabling seamless communication by using different tools like Dropbox, Github or Skype in background integration. A stable project management tool like Gridle ensures your web application development undergoes a robust testing phase before it gets live.

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Checklist you Need to Follow for Web Application Testing
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