Building a culture of ‘Oneness’ in your team & company..
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Successful companies & teams are not founded every day; they are built by the combined efforts of people who work with the feeling of ‘oneness’ for the brand. To foster a feeling of loyalty and commitment to an organisation, it is important to engage your team members and instil in them a feeling of attachment to the firm. However, it is easier said than done as it takes a lot of cumulative efforts and initiatives to nurture these feelings in the heart of your people.

“Talent” is like your date. It needs attention!


Talent engagement is an intrinsic aspect of any successful organisation as companies are built only by the dedication and perseverance of your work force. In this regard, cultivating a culture of ‘”oneness” among your employees is a strategy that has rewarding returns.

Here’s a couple of things you can do to engage talent:

  • Take initiatives that make them realise the value you are attaching to them.
  • With continuous interaction, make sure that they are not just informed of the company’s core vision but are also inspired by it.
  • Make sure that while you treat good ones with incentives, you give others a chance to grow as well.

Collaborate to unlock your team potential

Because, let’s remember..

“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships”


There is no denying the fact that great teamwork and unity is the key to ensure success of your team or company. Be it working for projects on tight deadlines or clinching the much coveted client contract, without the teamwork of your employees it is very difficult to handle the challenges that arise in a workplace on a day to day basis. In organisations where team-work exists, they don’t even recognise most day-to-day challenges as, well, challenges.

If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together

Without people who are emphatic about the problems you are trying to solve as a company and who genuinely aspire for the growth of your organisation, it is very difficult to sustain and enable a venture to thrive. This is why the leaders of the most successful brands across the world focus on building a talent pool that are united towards the common good.

On asking Masayoshi Son, Chairman of Softbank Capital (Invests > $1Billion/company) about teams, he said

I look at teams first. If teams behind the company are good, they can navigate through perilous time and still emerge victorious.


Behind every successful organisation is a team persevering for its prosperity.

Don’t do team-building activities,

Because they suck!

No-one likes to hold stranger’s hands and pop other people’s balloons to learn just how important it is to function as one. It’s stupid. What’s more? It’s purely embarrassing apart from being stupid. For everyone. HR folks invent these things so the rest of the company believes there’s still use for them.


Thinking out of the box is not an answer to everything. The team building activities or initiatives that you plan must be relevant to the present times.

Couple of things you can look at:

  • Let activities become natural. Your job as a team-leader is only to nudge people in the right direction; not to force them.
  • Trust in the fact that people are not boring and given enough time and freedom, they will figure out a good way to stay engaged.

“Policy” can be a friend..


Adopt company policies for employees that are friendly and respects their needs

Bring new changes in your policy such as

  • The concept of leave donation or
  • Fund for your employees passions such as contributing towards their sabbatical or
  • Offer a portion of Marathon participation fee or
  • Furnish employees with great pension or medical insurance plans

Communicate the purpose and common ambition of your firm and inspire people to share the bond of unity and loyalty to their coworkers and the team.

In the end,

I can do things you cannot, you can do things that I cannot; together we can do great things


The concept of teamwork, collaboration and ‘oneness’ cannot be demonstrated better than a sports team such as Football or cricket team for that matter. The idea of team work and sportsmanship is inherent to every player in a sports team as their individual contribution is what leads the team to win.

To face the hurdles that every day brings, organisations need to inculcate the same strategy of team spirit, collaboration and sportsmanship in their structure which makes every person obliged for the cumulative success or failure of the team.

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Building a culture of ‘Oneness’ in your team & company..
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