Blank & CRO Proposal Templates, White-label Custom Scripts, Braintree Integration
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Here's our fourth product update.

Additional proposal templates and custom scripts for the whitelabel users is here to make Gridle's usage more efficient.

Blank template: Create your proposal from scratch

Our users wanted to build a proposal from scratch so that they don't have to remain confined to the predefined templates given in Gridle.

Hence, we created a blank template which gives you the ability to create a proposal from scratch, the way you want it.

You can insert your own header images or simply start with the text unlike the other templates.

No more deleting the unwanted things. Start building your proposal from scratch.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Explain how you can help convert visitors to leads

You have got the skills to help people convert their website visitors to leads and then to customers. You are a digital marketing pro but how do you propose that to a prospective client?

The conversion rate optimization proposal template helps you do exactly that. Let your prospects know the skills you got to help them convert their website visitors to potential leads and paying customers.

Go out there and spread the word that you are a conversion rate optimizer with the CRO template.

Custom Scripts: Integrate apps using JavaScript snippets

For the whitelabel users we don't want you to be limited to just the features offered by Gridle as we know that there are many more things there in the market which can help enhance the functionalities of the product.

And so, we have introduced the option to add custom JavaScripts from other apps like HubSpot, Intercom etc. to integrate them with Gridle and use their features from within Gridle.

So go and add the script you want!

Braintree: Integrate your Braintree payment gateway with Gridle

Braintree is an online payments solution which is also a division of PayPal specializing in web and mobile payment systems.

It provides clients with a merchant account and a payment gateway. So if you are a Braintree user you can now easily pay via the Braintree payment gateway as Gridle now integrates with Braintree.

So all the Gridle users, let your customers know that Gridle now supports receiving payments via Braintree as well and to know how to integrate the gateway with Gridle, please click here.

That was all for the first month of 2020. I hope we did a good start to Gridle this year. Many more updates coming up in the months of February and March. Stay tuned ????

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Blank & CRO Proposal Templates, White-label Custom Scripts, Braintree Integration
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