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Imagine you are working with your partners together in a team for a new project. It would require you to communicate diligently so that your tasks and responsibilities are put into action. It all works out if the team is present physically at one place. The real challenge in communication is if your team is present across states, where you will need to utilize digital media. You communicate via Skype, share files through cloud storage or emails, chat via WhatsApp, Facebook groups, etc. These tools might seem effective, but to certain extent, it would be time-consuming, as you would be busy working on multiple deliverables. These tools could be integrated in the same platform as an optimal solution for increasing your productivity.

Gridle is a cloud-based collaborating platform that amalgamates all such tools into one, for enabling better communication and project management. This tool lets you utilize all project management basics which helps you make better and quick decisions. The software also helps you reduce costs while prioritizing team focus and productivity.

What Does Gridle Have For You?

Gridle being a complete solution for all your project manager responsibilities, facilitates team management through project notifications. It embeds features such as instant messaging, video calls, unlimited and secure file storage across formats, and functions that cater to specific departmental needs. Some of the most important project management tasks such as scheduling, managing priorities, calendars and to-do lists can be managed and synced in the same software.

Why Choose Us?

Gridle helps companies to work efficiently by strategizing, ideating and planning optimized business solutions. To achieve this, we make sure that the modules that we design for companies are practically tested for their reliability and consistency. We offer 24x7 support as well as mobility, so that you can get work done on the go. You could get notifications right within Gridle by incorporating iCloud, Slack apps, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Gridle Product Consultancy has worked on several technologies including mobile apps, web applications, backend databases as well as cloud infrastructure. We ensures a transparent pricing structure, aiming for a simple yet insightful project management flow.

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Best Project Management Tool
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