Top 5 Flock Alternatives
Collaboration Platform
Flock is one of the best team communication & collaboration platform but there are many alternatives of which the top 5 are listed in this blog.
5 min read
How Glazz is a zero email design company!
Customer Stories
This 25 people company uses Gridle to work with suppliers, traders and designers from Australia, USA, South Africa and United Kingdom.25 Team membersFrom demo to on-boarding to pro-users in less than 3
3 min read
The Next Big Thing In Contract Management Software
Contract Management
Contracts are the bedrock of modern civilization in many ways. From simple vendor-client relationships to nuclear agreements between countries, everything is bound by legal contracts.However, despite the fact that contracts are so
6 min read
E-book test
Contract Management EbooksEbooks
Testing a random e-book hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "5191457", formId: "6bc7639c-aff2-4f3f-ba2a-735ba15af1d6" }); Get my E-book!
1 min read
Top 10 Challenges Faced By E-commerce Players In India
ECommerce Marketplace
E-commerce has been booming in India since the entry of big players like eBay and Amazon and with the country’s Made in India startups like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm the e-commerce business
7 min read
Optimizing the Customer Lifecycle for Your SaaS Startup
SaaS Products
Is the churn rate for your SaaS Startup increasing? Or the revenue from subscription business is stagnant? If you answered yes for any of this, then you need to optimize the customer lifecycle and key metrics for your SaaS application.
2 min read
Increase Revenue Using SaaS Platforms
SaaS Products
Learn a number of ways to increase your revenue generation using SaaS platforms. Software used as a service will definitely help you boost up your business and generate more revenue.
1 min read
How to Include SaaS Platforms in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
SaaS Products
Know the importance of integrating SaaS platforms in your digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing strategy has huge impact on increasing the accessibility and affordability of SaaS based products. Learn the tactics of including SaaS platforms in your digital marketing strategy.
2 min read

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