In today's world ideas are a dime a dozen. Therefore, in this competitive market, creating your business’ virtual presence becomes highly essential to survive the competition on the digital platform. Hence, besides the tangible start-up essentials, thinking about meeting the digital requirements, has become important. While starting a business, an entrepreneur can definitely make good use of a guide to some of the tried and tested start- up marketing strategies to walk confidently on the road towards success. However, it is also crucial to be in sync with time and include new, innovative marketing strategies to add revenue to business.

There are numerous marketing techniques that an entrepreneur can utilize for the sake of promoting their business. Mentioned below are some of the key strategies that can help a business to grow and succeed:

Thorough Research

Every business requires a thorough research before it actually sees the daylight. Businesses can opt for marketing consultants for the process of planning entry and the subsequent niche development of the product. The planning process, in this case, has to include what exactly the customers want from their product. Gathering data through various online social platforms will help in understanding customer
needs to a large extent. This process will also allow brands to analyze and embody the best ways in which they can align the product as per the needs of the customers.

After accumulating and understanding the research findings, the entrepreneur should start implementing structured plans to market the product, which are largely based on the interpretation of accumulated data. Marketing plans should include how and what products are to be marketed. For example, if the company is associated with baby food, it would be pointless to promote the product using marketing strategies that are directed towards the youth. Market positioning should be a key aspect of promotions for a start-up business. Interpretation of the marketing product should be clear for all the customers who are exposed to the strategy. Since positioning matters in marketing, the start-up marketing strategies should also include the target audience and how one is able to reach them. The framed strategies will guide the entrepreneur in successfully positioning the product into the market in the right way. It is with proper planning of marketing approaches that the product/service and essentially, the business itself can become successful.

Identify your Target Group

First and foremost, it is very important to identify your target group. The first step in your marketing strategy, this will determine the base of many things for the future. Marketing your products or services to anyone and everyone you wish, may be a sheer waste of time and money. Instead, create a niche in the market by identifying your target group- people who would appreciate and value your product and service. Keep in the mind the following points while determining your market and identifying your target group:

Market Size – The size of your target group will depend not only on the geographical area, but also the demography and gender of people who would choose your products.

Market Wealth – Does your target group have a desired economic status to spend on your product or service? Does it have access to digital media, if you choose digital marketing for rigorous promotional campaigns?

Market Competition – Is the market saturated? Or will you have to face a cut-throat competition in the market?

In a nutshell, your target audience, their geographical presence and their economic status will determine the way your market your products or services further.

Create Visibility through Digital Marketing

The moment you decide to launch a start-up, you should start thinking about creating visibility in the market. Remember, although your ideas about your business are unique, you will have to face competition in the market. With more and more number of people having easy access to digital media like smartphones, tablets and laptops, digital marketing is the best way to reach out to them in a short span. Earlier it was visiting cards, that are now replaced with their digitally advanced counterpart – website or mobile application. Both website and mobile application can inform the target audience about you, your company and its products and services. Referring to an advertisement may be forgotten after few days, but a website or a mobile application can always come handy. Also, digital marketing has been the source of great conversion rates and can help the business grow.

Other than website and mobile applications, digital marketing includes marketing the services through social media, search engine optimization, paid advertisements on Google and other platforms, etc. Marketing can also be done through videos and images on social media websites and other platforms. The different methods used to market the product can definitely help in boosting the sales of the business. The medium of marketing will determine the success or failure of the product and services. There are a number of ways in which marketing consultants can help a business reach both new types of audiences as well as new market positions.

These techniques can be implemented with a limited amount of investment to produce the best results.

Keeping a Track of Conversion Rate

The amount of time and money you have invested in your marketing strategies is considered to be fruitful only when you get desired conversion rate. Major number of people who visit your company website or download your application should be able to become your customers, giving you a good conversion rate. In short, in internet marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO) becomes inevitable to increase the impact of your marketing strategies. If you do not get results, you need to introduce desired action on a webpage or application such as call-to-action button increase the CRO. Every business would aim for higher CRO as it means better return on investment (ROI). Hence, with designing the marketing campaign or business application, it is important to target it for the right kind of audience; aim it to potential clients rather than random targeting. This will ensure higher number of visitors who may sooner or later turn into customers, increasing the CRO. The right kind of people, after using your product or services, may help you in growing the business by spreading the word.

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