7 Tips & Tricks to use Gridle effectively;
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Essentially, a list of things that make Gridle Awesome!

Okay, so you’ve been using Gridle for a while now and have grabbed a good enough hang on it. There are some things that you like and some things that you are not able to wrap your head around yet!

So, we thought, why don’t we make a list of things that we typically don’t highlight in our product brochures and landing pages but are the unsung features that actually make Gridle awesome!


Here we go, N.L.P in Tasks!

*Nobody likes to work. Nobody likes to fill out long forms.

But what if, you have to fill out long forms at work? It just kills, doesn’t it!
NLP is Natural Language Processing. It’s designed to make your life simpler.


So, the next time you have to assign 15 tasks to 10 different people about 3 different projects, you don’t have to jump from screen to screen, check marking, clicking and choosing deadlines.

You can just write the way you would have and Gridle’s task creator will pick up assignees, relevant project, subject of the task and it’s deadline. Just like that. Quick and simple!

Alfred; Your brother from Artificially Intelligent Mother!


Given, looks a little weird. But he will always be there for you. Dropping you a mail everyday with a list of your priorities so that you always know what to expect before you get to the office!

He will always make sure and drop a friendly reminder when things are due.

Gives funny replies as well. If he’s in the mood. ;)

What’s with this ‘Workspace’!

Gridle works on network effect. The more of your team-members are on Gridle, the better and easier it gets.
A workspace is your virtual team/company which has all the people that you work with on a daily basis as it’s members. We have our small little administrative hierarchy structure as well. Goes something like this:

  • Users: Typically are full-time employees/team members, vendors, lawyers, consultants etc. Can use all Gridle functionalities to chat, manage tasks, files, etc.
  • Admins: Are created by Owners. Can be upto 20. Essentially there to make sure who comes within the workspace and who leaves in accordance with the company’s way forward.
  • Owner: Can only be one. Is responsible for creating admins, upgrading and downgrading workspace, payment and certain other security features.

Mobile App changes the game!

More people have access to internet enabled smart phones than running water. Puts into perspective how important it is to have an App!
A lot of our existing users had been asking us for a mobile version of Gridle; so, we built it. We are on Android Play Store already and are building our iOS app.

The awesome thing with mobile is that it’s always with you. It means that you can always stay connected with your team through chat, receive updates on your projects, create tasks and review files, on the fly.

Oh, ofcourse, the mobile app is free! Kind of goes without saying.

Projects are so much more!

Creating a project makes it easy for your team to always stay in the know of what is to be done, by whom, and at what time.


You can also use projects as topics (Eg. Rock Music) or as teams (Eg. Sales team). You will be able to chat instead of email-threads, have a file-repository and create task-lists.

File-sharing & a lot of other things..

When we think of effective communication within teams, we always think about chat. It’s instant and at the end of it, we feel like we have accomplished something through a real-time discussion.

While Gridle has native, built-in, real-time individual, group and project chats; one of the conventional communication methods has always been sharing files.

Your project report, marketing proposal, personal resume or even minutes of meetings are created and stored in file-formats.

The idea behind Gridle’s file-sharing is not to help you manage all the files but it is to:

  • Inspire real-time discussions
  • Collate all files from different places like Drive, Dropbox, Box etc.
  • View and instantly respond to those files &
  • Make it easy to share files in context. May it be sharing is Tasks or Chats.

So, fire away! Our file-sharing will be able to support in all and any format of files.

Statuses & Comments. Because Meetings kill!

Monotonous meetings, even more so.
Most of the meetings, Harvard Business Review estimates, happen weekly or daily to update on progress being made by different team members on tasks assigned to them.


We hate meetings as much as the next person and hence we built-in a way for you to update statuses without having to go through the painful process of gathering into a room and then listening to 5 other people explain why they have not accomplished what they were supposed to.

We also built-in comments and activity log so that at any point of time, relevant people can go through the whole history of how a task or file has progressed over a period of time and instantly make an informed decision or identify bottlenecks. That’s it. Plain & simple.

This is an ever evolving post!
We will be adding more things here as and when we build more interesting and meaningful things. In case you know some tips, do share them with us. We are all ears. :)

If you liked what we’ve written, there is a slightly higher chance you’ll also like what we’ve built, Check us out!

Until next time.

The Team,

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7 Tips & Tricks to use Gridle effectively;
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